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  1. Big Hollywood Production Company Offer - What would you do?
  2. How Much For Short Script?
  3. Residuals
  4. How do you keep contacts fresh?
  5. What's kosher when it comes to producer notes/rewrites?
  6. The Free Pass?
  7. Linkedin question
  8. The Future of Screenwriting
  9. Advice
  10. What's worse...
  11. Sympathy for the devil
  12. To Write or Not to Write...
  13. Need Pilot Collaboration Agreement Advice
  14. Read the fine print...
  15. Budget definition in option agreements if purchase price is a % of budget
  16. WGA Pros -- Reality and Animation?
  17. Crowdfunding for indie films?
  18. Director wanting Credit
  19. Web Series
  20. Should I approach managers and agents first instead of prod. cos?
  21. Territories
  22. How to deal with a busy producer?
  23. Book to movie question
  24. What's the downside of posting on Blacklist?
  25. What a successful screenwriter can expect to earn - Scriptnotes for April 23
  26. Legal question on film title
  27. Question about Option language
  28. Script Coverage or Screenwriting Comps?
  29. Jumpstart Your Screenwriting Career: 5 powerful TIPS on how to land writing work
  30. What to do with Linkedin contacts?
  31. What advice did you get that set you back?
  32. Advice needed
  33. Option Agreement
  34. Are we entering a golden age for screenwriters?
  35. Using Data To Formulate A Script
  36. Using a short film to promote
  37. Music clearances; legal issues; Disney-Lucasfilm-ASCAP; John Williams...
  38. Someone's book has same title as my script...
  39. Here's why it's hard to sell an original screenplay
  40. Help! Newbie's Script Requested as Part of Slate?
  41. Slate question
  42. Questions about Working as Agency/Studio/Production Company Intern/Assistant
  43. Contacting a Producer who you've worked with before?
  44. How to acquire rights?
  45. Question about a release form
  46. Script read with added offer??
  47. Why "high concept" rarely translates into satisfying, enduring movies
  48. The Friendly Follow-Up
  49. Non-Signatory Producer Controls Guild Member's Script?
  50. Targetting straight to DVD animation?
  51. Lucas and Spielberg say the end is near!
  52. What the F goes on a screenwriting resume?
  53. Should I post the entire thing?
  54. WGA contract
  55. Excess precedes the crumbling of empires - Hollywood is broken
  56. Credit Question
  57. What's the time frame for writing assignments?
  58. Rights & Permissions
  59. Length of Script Vs Distribution
  60. Accusations of Theft -- From My High Concept
  61. Best months to go out with a spec screenplays?
  62. Finished my script, same idea just got optioned by another writer
  63. Using Past Assignments as Writing Samples
  64. Has Hollywood ignited an intern uprising? Examining the brewing revolution
  65. Dilemma
  66. Registering With WGA East Versus West?
  67. LinkedIn / IMDB
  68. Looking for career advice: to try and break in in London, or do a screenwriting post-
  69. Made for TV movie
  70. Modest Success Story
  71. Informal Survey
  72. Rate for a Ghost Writer?
  73. How Much to Charge for Coverage?
  74. Going wide vs. not
  75. Question about first time writers-directors (and successful examples?)
  76. Why write a good movie when you can be successful writing a terrible one?
  77. Script Credit
  78. Multiple Registrations for Each Episode?
  79. Coverage?
  80. WGA sequel question
  81. Any Directors here?
  82. If a Newbie Sold a Script
  83. Inspired by true events
  84. Are true four-quadrant movies going extinct?
  85. What is Micro-Budget?
  86. Make It Yourself
  87. WGA deal + Agent...should I get a lawyer?
  88. Walk away from option?
  89. You're the Producer...
  90. What's more Effective: Query Letters or Query Emails?
  91. Territories Being Taken?
  92. Agreement to Produce?
  93. Receiving Credit Writing Job
  94. A writer friend died; his co-writer wants to QUERY their scripts as if HE wrote them
  95. "Spec feature biz is dead" - manager
  96. Has anybody ever sold a screenplay through the Jobs & Opportunities section?
  97. Producer Question: Foreign sales and WGA-ness
  98. Kevin Spacey on content
  99. WGA membership
  100. Can anyone offer me some advice?
  101. Ppaca & Wga?
  102. Is there a better time than others to querie?
  103. Similar Plot
  104. Producer asked me where I'm based?
  105. Marketing an art house/action spec
  106. Teaming up w/ Producer for TV
  107. How much to charge for full rewrite.
  108. Copyright under Different Title?
  109. The writer/director credit debate
  110. Scream-like pitch
  111. no written contract with manager
  112. Is there a typical length of time for a WGA rewrite?
  113. TV Pilots and Created By
  114. Is it good or bad to have a script that's similar to a recent hit?
  115. Requested Changes
  116. Which deals make the trades?
  117. Submission Agreement- Signing My Rights Away?
  118. Do I need to obtain rights or not??
  119. Student Wants To Make Short
  120. Where to...
  121. Does decline of movie rentals mean death to B-movie segment?
  122. How much to get as a bonus if a script sells?
  123. Media Company Ends Internship
  124. Why don't more writers act like producers?
  125. Protocol Question
  126. Rights issue
  127. How screenwriters are using market research to sell their screenplays
  128. Are original concepts wanted by Hollywood?
  129. Similar project on prodco's development slate
  130. Where should I go from here?
  131. Option advice
  132. Help - Slight dilemma with read request
  133. Agreement before sending script out?
  134. ? about Copyrighting Spec TV Scripts
  135. Does Hollywood Only Want Elevated Thrillers?
  136. Copyright is recommended yet why do people register with WGA?
  137. Non-LA working screenwriters?
  138. Any Canadians move to LA?
  139. Amazon deal with producer
  140. Shopping Agreement vs Option?
  141. “If you write a great script……Hollywood will find you.”
  142. Attaching actors
  143. What to put on my CV?
  144. Working with a writer who can't commit
  145. Story By vs. Writing Credit
  146. What to do with a short?
  147. The Axman of New Orleans
  148. 21 Oz.
  149. It's a Pass
  150. To send or not to send...
  151. Protecting my intellectual property
  152. Do I need permission to write about a real-life murder?
  153. Can I use a real person AND real company?
  154. Quoting literature
  155. Is there a better way to pitch?
  156. Voice Recorder in a Meeting?
  157. Hallelujah!
  158. Using many quotes from book written 30 years ago OK? Public domain questions
  159. Walk In Queries
  160. Story Boarding
  161. How did you get started in LA?
  162. Fairly New Screen Writer
  163. Writing from the producer's outline
  164. What if the principal photography never comes?
  165. Demanding to direct your screenplay
  166. Unsolicited Submissions
  167. LinkedIn
  168. Has a 'free option' ever worked out well?
  169. Anyone here option original material for an adaptation?
  170. Is a Los Angeles Address/Phone Number Really Important?
  171. Contract on a short screenplay
  172. Title page contact info?
  173. Playing the odds
  174. Option between screenwriter and author
  175. Which path to take?
  176. Fast Question
  177. Assignment Contract
  178. Question for repped writers/ and or reps?
  179. A sold script as a writing sample?
  180. Signing a deal with a production company
  181. Agent clauses in collaboration agreement
  182. How important is it to "like" the people you work with?
  183. Backend points... standard?
  184. Working on spec?
  185. How are credits determined in a non-WGA production?
  186. How much is typical for a box office bonus?
  187. Communication with Prodco.
  188. Ghostwriting a pilot spec
  189. Unbelievable negotiation story
  190. 3% of unknown budget?
  191. Transitioning from a different profession
  192. Optioning Book
  193. Exec Pay
  194. Polish and credit/WGA
  195. Insuring WGA memebership w/ script sale
  196. Life rights question
  197. Can you deduct agent/lawyer fees?
  198. Producing/Starring In Your Own Project
  199. Screenplay to TV Pitch...do they have to buy the screenplay too?
  200. Query Timing
  201. Free Work...is this what it looks like?
  202. Any Australian screenwriters? Questions about AWG draft rates and other things.
  203. Where is the line between "inspired by" and unlawful adaptation?
  204. Fanatical fiction
  205. Restrictions on showing your script to people?
  206. Moving to L.A....
  207. Copyrighted material being spoken about in dialog?
  208. Using famous actor's name in screenplay
  209. Handwritten Queries
  210. Posting full script online
  211. Questions about being contacted by someone who works in Development
  212. Quick way to see if a producer is real...
  213. Film Rights
  214. Manager Pass but Open to Revisions
  215. My concept sold today
  216. Business, short films, etc
  217. Career Questions
  218. Writing a script based on an existing property?
  219. Options and Reps
  220. How big a gross before you reference a film??
  221. Movies that passed the Bechdel test made more money
  222. How much do writers get paid for low buget work?
  223. I swear to God, sometimes I don't understand this business...
  224. Help! What can I do with 3-part miniseries?
  225. Sizzle reel
  226. WGA credit jurisdiction
  227. Overall Deals
  228. Taxes
  229. Compensation When Developing an Idea?
  230. Is this usual/normal?
  231. Why does Hollywood use bad scripts?
  232. The Politics of WGA screen credit
  233. Is there an appetite for "hard" sci-fi? after...
  234. Using the New York Times as your personal research bureau...questions about 'fair use
  235. Coincidental real life and script setting?
  236. Option Length
  237. Test screenings... why not at the script level?
  238. Quitting the day job
  239. Blood boiling after meeting, advice please!
  240. Your opinion..
  241. To Chase or to Spec? (Scriptnotes)
  242. Thanks for the idea...you're no longer needed
  243. Should I Change My Title?
  244. Gazing into the Industry Crystal Ball
  245. Next Marketing Steps: MH370 script
  246. Release form for producer
  247. Selling to China
  248. Bump in the road...
  249. Etiquette
  250. Black List gave me an 8 Ball. What next?