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  1. Extend or Nix?
  2. Brand Names
  3. Going wide with TV pilots
  4. Querying managers vs querying producers
  5. Source Rights for Histrocial person
  6. R-Rated Comedies The Way to Go?
  7. Is using freelancing websites to find scriptwriters a good idea?
  8. Email/Online Query
  9. A truly useful theory re: "Where are the women?"
  10. Can you make it as a screenwriter if you live 'near' Los Angeles?
  11. Biopic
  12. Release form language
  13. Would you work for a "50% share of the profits"?
  14. How do you pay the bills?
  15. Production Company/Writer Agreement
  16. When to ask about money
  17. Does my age is a hindrance in selling a screenplay?
  18. WGA -- "Story By" and "Teleplay By"
  19. Cash flow timing after film release
  20. Paying WGA dues
  21. Network meeting
  22. Being starstruck?
  23. Writing & Directing Fee for Low Budget Indie
  24. New screenwriter turned producer
  25. Indie movie: when should the writer get paid?
  26. Completed script + Spec Trailer - What next?
  27. Question about letting someone shop your script without a written agreement
  28. Getting hired for a TV show and visa issues
  29. Producer's "First Look Deal" questions?
  30. Reality/History Channel & the WGA
  31. Writer as producer in deal
  32. Budget question
  33. Treatment Question
  34. After first script, what next?
  35. Do I need to option the rights to a true story not based on one particular person?
  36. Free rewrite during option period?
  37. Subjectivity
  38. Offered commission to write screenplay
  39. Rewriting Someone Else's Script - Work For Hire Agreement?
  40. Option price
  41. Difference between purchase price and production bonus?
  42. Would you do this?
  43. Networking
  44. Shortage of screenwriters
  45. Where to Pitch/Send/Give Away a Web Series?
  46. LA meetings: rental car or Uber?
  47. You have the personal email address of someone who would be great in your movie...
  48. Amount to write a script?
  49. Writer Salaries (and other Hollywood salaries)
  50. Created By and Developed By Question
  51. Any non-US writers here who've moved to LA and worked?
  52. Press releases?
  53. Director attached to a script...
  54. Circulating a script I wrote, but don't own copyright to
  55. Viability of BIG scripts
  56. Is Hollywood going for broke on franchise universes?
  57. Web of Predicament...Open to Advice...
  58. Very New with questions
  59. Free Option
  60. TV Show or Feature?
  61. For those who have posted on InkTip
  62. I Need Help
  63. Writer as Producer: How Much Pie?
  64. At what stage to copyright?
  65. Copyright in Canada
  66. Coffee shop meeting etiquette
  67. Including dialogue in query letter?
  68. Producer/Exec Notes
  69. How Much $$$$ For A Premium Cable Pilot
  70. Release "summary" -- what to include?
  71. Playwright
  72. Option-Purchase vs Outright
  73. Do I Need to Purchase Rights to Write About Historical Figures
  74. "Lengthy negotiations?"
  75. Anyone SOLD a SCRIPT? Can I ask a few questions????
  76. Can You (Still) Sell A Movie Idea As Logline?
  77. Directly asking a connection for help
  78. Going out WIDE with a script...
  79. Need Advice on How to Follow Up
  80. Residuals, Sanchez, and Hitchcock
  81. What to do if I get the call
  82. Rights Question
  83. Courtesy/Etiquette When Dealing With Multiple Production Companies
  84. First time questions
  85. Writer's option agreements
  86. Fast Question
  87. Paranoia and Copyrighting
  88. Niche Producers/Agents
  89. How long to stay in LA? Ways to go a little longer?
  90. Help! Producer Wants To Move Forward, But Asks If I Can Invest
  91. Guild membership points on low budget feature?
  92. How To Communicate about Spec Script Called THE INTERVIEW
  93. Could a screenplay about...
  94. Tell me some Rejection Stories and Success after Rejection stories
  95. Think I have a great script, yet am business illiterate
  96. Where to stay in L.A.?
  97. "Film bosses accused of mutilating scripts and pushing out writing talent" - true?
  98. If there's an ethical line in filmmaking...
  99. Lack of diversity in the hood
  100. Director wants to share writing credit question
  101. Synchronicity/Parallel Development
  102. Producer's Rep and/or Sales Agent Directory
  103. First General Meeting?
  104. Remakes of films in the public domain
  105. Writer of "Gravity" says her lawsuit affects all writers?
  106. Book/Movie Rights
  107. Foreign Production Company Release Form... signing
  108. Possible entanglements of a Shopping Agreement?
  109. Why is 25 the age cutoff for audience quadrants?
  110. I still own the rights, right?
  111. Approaching Actors
  112. Option Expired: Keep or Lose Revisions?
  113. Novelist Newbie on the Forum
  114. Help with dialogue - credit
  115. A "conversation"
  116. A-list actor on...
  117. Paid Script Reading
  118. Development contract
  119. "Film by" credit
  120. Selling Script
  121. Cable network took my concept
  122. Getting legal advice on a screenplay option agreement
  123. Fair Rate for a Screenplay Translation?
  124. If female lead movies make more money, why don't we see more of them?
  125. Who buys DVDs?
  126. Going out wide?
  127. Mention option in query?
  128. Documentary budgets
  129. The F****ing Director Hates All I (Re-)Write
  130. Why are films in theaters, for such a short time?
  131. Is it worth it?
  132. If an executive leaves....
  133. Any legal issues with sending coverage samples?
  134. Writing a script using facts from mostly one book...
  135. First right of refusal
  136. Movie Titles
  137. Retaining book rights
  138. Changing title, do I need to change WGA registration?
  139. Collaborator problems
  140. $1 option on a major (but oldish) novel
  141. Sticking to one Genre??
  142. Curious what folks think about this...
  143. Producer Credit
  144. What's The Point Of It All?
  145. What are my options on this option?
  146. I want to make "The Chronicles of Amber" into a TV series. How should I proceed?
  147. What's a good pitch?
  148. No one wants unsolicited material, how do you break in?
  149. Cold Calling Shows
  150. The offer
  151. Rights question
  152. Submitting to a specific actor
  153. Option Advice Needed
  154. How do reality shows credit and payment work?
  155. Rights Question
  156. Anyone strike a deal with Netflix?
  157. Dead People
  158. Can I have a Producer credit please?
  159. Rep/Director? Is that a thing?
  160. Critics
  161. Big Budget Spec?
  162. Big Budget Spec.... good idea?
  163. Copyrighting
  164. Need a bit of clarification about rights
  165. Becoming an Intl. Film Sales Agent
  166. "Story by" money
  167. A few prodcos interested, what to do next?
  168. Legit reasons to take a dollar option?
  169. Bromance vs. Womance?
  170. Possible to "move forward" with a 7 on the blcklst?
  171. How do you guys go about querying?
  172. Public Figures
  173. TV company looking at a feature
  174. Written agreement recommended when making a short with a director?
  175. Inspired vs True Story
  176. Legal Q on screenplay based on nonfiction book(s)
  177. Is there a market for stoner comedies?
  178. Time of the week for premiers
  179. Best way to query (email/mail)?
  180. When Can You Say "I Am A Screenwriter"?
  181. Partnering with a novelist to adapt
  182. Screenwriting Course Offer
  183. Paid Writing Assignments
  184. Prime time Network Miniseries Pay?
  185. Understanding the trades
  186. Using the same title as an existing project
  187. Published screenplays
  188. Southside with You
  189. Benderspink comment on 'too seen' vs. getting coverage
  190. Help! Unrepped, just got offer from producer
  191. Short film question
  192. Option Time Ended
  193. Newspaper Article/Rights
  194. Calling Producers
  195. Short screenplay contract terms
  196. Best Case Scenario
  197. Why aren't there more producers like Jason Blum?
  198. Writer/Producer
  199. Back Catalog
  200. TV Pilot Specs vs. Feature Specs
  201. My Experience with Email Queries
  202. Option Payment Delayed?
  203. IRS Takes 55%?
  204. Exec Leaves Company...
  205. Grindhouse movies
  206. Short Scripts -- usually optioned first?
  207. Posting Scripts On A Personal Website
  208. Re-writing with producers
  209. Scripts vs. Movies
  210. Would you let an option expire if there are still a few things in play?
  211. What to do with a good short script?
  212. % of the budget - Questions about budget, timing, accuracy?
  213. What is the process of adapting a novel to a screenplay?
  214. What do producers want when pitching an adaptation?
  215. Random Girl...meeting with networks next week...what happens next?
  216. Director Attachment
  217. General Meeting
  218. Advice for Filming
  219. Is it harder to be signed as a duo?
  220. Specs
  221. Quandary. Help!
  222. Should you ever try to pitch 2 screenplays at once?
  223. Managing expectations?
  224. WGA Associate Membership - work WGA?
  225. Good faith
  226. Option Contract Question
  227. How many query e-mails do you send?
  228. Discussing past pitches with others
  229. Freelance Tax for Los Angeles Residents?
  230. How much should you invest when shopping a TV Pilot
  231. Becoming a fake person?
  232. Week with director, uncompensated?
  233. Forging ahead
  234. Written/Story by
  235. To WGA or not
  236. Mind The Gap
  237. Ownership of Property with Production Company
  238. Being a creative mind and still caring for the mundane.....
  239. How much would you charge for a script for a $3-5 million feature?
  240. Need help understanding what this request means
  241. Interesting - Kevin Smith speech about working as a writer for Die Hard.
  242. What is a Development Writer?
  243. Copyright vs. WGA Registration
  244. Sending treatment before a pitch
  245. Looking for some advice on a possible Development Deal
  246. Does Warner Bros. get back to you either way?
  247. Meeting blown off..
  248. How do you stay motivated for generals?
  249. How important are internships for writers?
  250. The Ideal Hollywood Movie Concept