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  1. BloodList ... how does it work? Experiences?
  2. Bundling feature scripts under single copyright..OK?
  3. Gifts for Assistants
  4. Standard TV Deal
  5. Am I ready for representation?
  6. After you email the script...
  7. Quantum Leap
  8. Pitching vs Specing
  9. Hitting the town?
  10. Parody?
  11. Copyright Form
  12. Who to query?
  13. Question on Treatment/Script
  14. What's a Story Editor?
  15. Business Plan?
  16. Sale script -vs- Shoot script
  17. Pitch Meeting for a Film - $ Advice
  18. Looking for advice: Entertainment Attorneys
  19. Anthonolgies - How to sell your short? Or how does it come about?
  20. When to stop
  21. Dumb Idea?
  22. Option A Book - Questions Fees etc
  23. Writer/Producer Credit
  24. Question: adaptation and spin-offs
  25. Write a great script - and other ramblings
  26. Three writers for the same job
  27. Where to find a Director?
  28. Significance of meeting time
  29. Bake-off meeting with producers
  30. Pitching an actor
  31. Does Having A Produced Feature To My Name Make A Difference?
  32. Meeting with Japanese producers?
  33. Giving Up a Writing Credit
  34. Take it or Leave it
  35. Is it realistic to get a free feature screenplay?
  36. Your portfolio should include...?
  37. Confidence in Meetings
  38. A couple of option questions
  39. Querying Shorts
  40. Zankou chicken
  41. Shorts...Why? How?
  42. Visa question
  43. What advice would you give to the "I only wanna write treatments not scripts" writer?
  44. Questions from a Neophyte
  45. Types of careers
  46. Call or don't call?
  47. Adapting Your Spec to a Graphic Novel
  48. Querying producers?
  49. Company w/no IMDB credits & NDA?
  50. Newbie Seeking Sage Advice
  51. Any Luck Querying Specific Actors
  52. Screenwriting Collaboration Contract Sample
  53. Is this too desperate or stalker-ish?
  54. To those of you who have written a script for a short film
  55. Spec or Original
  56. Submission Release wording
  57. Dress code: NY vs LA
  58. Acquiring Sponsors for Animated Series
  59. Do I have a meeting or not?
  60. Combating filmmakers' requested changes to your script
  61. Trip to Cali -- Advice Please
  62. Should I Worry?
  63. Optioning my book to an indie studio
  64. Question
  65. Giving a Producer a Writing Credit
  66. Returning the favor
  67. Crowdfunding 2016 - still only for celebrities or normal people?
  68. Retaining more control over your screenplay and/or film
  69. "International appeal" meaning
  70. The Elusive Exec
  71. Turning another writer's feature screenplay into pilot
  72. Good scripts are hard to come by? Not according to Aaron Sorkin.
  73. Question about Options
  74. Will there be streaming video/pay-TV channels for minorities to write for?
  75. The right way of setting up a writer-director partnership?
  76. Looking for writers (Horror Genre)
  77. How to split self produced show pay.
  78. Mentioning that your script was optioned in query?
  79. Release form question
  80. A-list actor reading script
  81. Questions about optioning film & TV rights for a work of nonfiction
  82. Back ends for movie/TV adaptations of novel
  83. Public forum post
  84. What to Expect in first General at studio
  85. Ok. Now THIS is weird.
  86. Shopping agreement...now what?
  87. Strange feedback
  88. Manager approached me and now negotiating representation, I think I need help!
  89. Script Clearance
  90. Who calls the execs to get your script on The Blacklist?
  91. Am I crazy?
  92. Let's Say Hypothetically...
  93. Payment for Writing a Screenplay
  94. What's my next move?
  95. Writing Screenplay With Collaborator (Based On His Life)
  96. Shared story credit
  97. Brands in TV Shows and Films
  98. Definition of Location and Budget
  99. Submit original vision or what studio probably expects?
  100. 9/10 on Blacklist with three 10/10 subscores: How can I maximize myself in 2016?
  101. Pay To Play
  102. Coverage conundrum
  103. Black List questions?
  104. Is there a lesson for screenwriters in this?
  105. Screenwriter sues popular producer and loses
  106. Based off a true story vs. Inspired by true events
  107. Digital signature on a shopping agreement binding?
  108. Bad idea to query next week?
  109. Strange (Legal) Question
  110. Writer/Producer Credit
  111. 5% standard... does it apply to low budgets? Or newbie screenwriters?
  112. Shopping Agreement?
  113. WGA question
  114. WGA late penalty
  115. Our screenplay to be used as a foundation?
  116. Copyright question
  117. What's the point, part 2
  118. Where to stay in LA?
  119. Floor/Ceiling & Other Stuff
  120. Week-to-week WGA
  121. How Long is TOO Long?
  122. Millenial lead actresses for lower budget movies
  123. How many query letters do people here typically send?
  124. Writing Credit
  125. Brand yourself as a single genre writer?
  126. Collaboration Compensation
  127. Reversion Rights?
  128. Screenplays, screenplay elements, screenplay competitions and copyright rights
  129. Ghost Writing
  130. Writing on Spec Question
  131. When do you say, "I GIVE?"
  132. TV Bidding War?
  133. Can you pitch multiple ideas in one meeting?
  134. Spec vs pitching and some other stuff
  135. CoWriting to direct
  136. I think someone jacked my ****
  137. M.Landis: The Blacklist has jumped the shark
  138. Is sharing old coverage breaking some kind of unwritten NDA?
  139. Follow Up
  140. Indie fiction...
  141. How much do TV programmes sell for?
  142. Credit to books, magazines, etc. When is it necessary?
  143. Can you break in with just one script?
  144. WGA question
  145. Treatments vs pitch documents
  146. Graphic novel
  147. Partially Disabled: Can I still become a screenwriter?
  148. Introduction - Advice Appreciated
  149. Writer/director and director/writers
  150. Query - should I mention legal publications (attorney)?
  151. Australian Writers Guild Minimums
  152. Queries to those who've just bought a similar project or genre
  153. Anyone have first-hand experience with a ghost writer?
  154. Hustling
  155. NDA Template
  156. Writing 'on assignment'
  157. Copyrighting a treatment?
  158. Using similar names to celebrities in a screenplay
  159. Navigating the business...
  160. Blind script deal a bad idea?
  161. Pending Contract
  162. "Hey man, I have an idea!!!"
  163. Strike
  164. Age Discrimination Settlement??
  165. Pilot vs. feature query
  166. Competitions
  167. Equity Finders
  168. What would you do?
  169. Business/Finance side of screenwriting
  170. Post Option
  171. Business wants to fund pilot episode
  172. Contract drafting time
  173. Distribution Suggestions
  174. Credit: What Should I Put There?
  175. Life rights
  176. Low budget films - location, location, location
  177. Should there be an option agreement?
  178. Expired Book Rights
  179. A Director Likes My Script
  180. Waiting for contracts
  181. Producer's job or mine?
  182. Assignments/ Black List
  183. Contacted by CAA agent - novelist
  184. Can I get the rights back?
  185. Submitting to Production Co with attachment?
  186. Who owns the IP?
  187. Having problems
  188. Dennis Palumbo
  189. Financing Your Own Movie
  190. Script Location
  191. Thesis Project
  192. My Manager is M.I.A.
  193. Getting Co-writer for just the first draft
  194. Question about commission
  195. Questions about TV/Movie option
  196. TV program creator. What credits are fair?
  197. A non-disclosure agreement
  198. Starting a writing business
  199. Toni Erdmann Remake
  200. Question about rights
  201. Podcast legalities
  202. Working with Producer/Director
  203. Reversion Rights
  204. Weinstein and Toback's Fall Change the Nature of Meetings
  205. Help decode this?
  206. A large international company likes my TV drama script. What now?!
  207. Trying to sell my first screenplay
  208. LLC vs INC? When?
  209. After Option Runs Out
  210. How to check whether an IP has entered the public domain?
  211. Book rights
  212. Loan out company?
  213. Co-writing outlines/treatments
  214. How to figure out how much to charge for option/sell?
  215. How to get a co-writer off a project?
  216. The intersection of producers, writers, and agents--finding my career path
  217. Anyone had a film sell to Netflix?
  218. Fan films and short films based on IP you haven't the rights to
  219. Collab/credit question
  220. Black Mirror
  221. To do or not to do
  222. I wrote my first script, now what?
  223. Script Value
  224. Pitching, or Bad in a Room
  225. Can you ever say no to a producer?
  226. Optioning vs. Selling your script
  227. Marketing yourself - writing in one genre or multiple?
  228. Signing release forms - electronic document or physical (re: query letters)
  229. Types of films that get made
  230. How to be a producer
  231. "Option" vs "Producer Agreement"
  232. To option my script (for $1) or not?
  233. When to accept an option?
  234. Serial TV vs. Features (for the unknown writer)
  235. Any way for an amateur writer to do this not in LA?
  236. Pay for a co-writer?
  237. A series of movies
  238. Emailing during summer
  239. Assignment scripts as samples
  240. Sending assignment to agent
  241. Faith-Based scripts?
  242. Best places to look for entry level jobs
  243. Feature screenplay about a real band
  244. WGA past dues
  245. Teaming up with an A-list producer
  246. Can someone really do this?
  247. Newbie Calling Card
  248. Public Domain
  249. “Producer pass” and notes
  250. Work for Hire or Collaboration?