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  1. Assistants and the Strike?
  2. Jobs in the industry
  3. Foreign writers, the WGA, and the strike
  4. does it require authorization?
  5. WGA production companies
  6. Adapting Screenplay Into Novel
  7. downside of attaching to a production company?
  8. How often do screenwriter get royalties??
  9. No Strike After All???
  10. Why don't the WGA suggest...
  11. Pitching to Prodcos...
  12. A possibility...
  13. Can someone post a good example of an effective query letter?
  14. Who to Query
  15. Could someone please explain to me about credit and the WGA?
  16. Does anyone have their own website?
  17. How Will The Strike Affect You?
  18. Synopsis length
  19. CV requested?
  20. More info on strike
  21. Writer's percentage
  22. Question for CE (or anyone else who can answer it)
  23. Teamsters Support Wga Picket Lines
  24. Synopsis Request
  25. adaptation compensation
  26. Story of the day strike! on DHD
  27. Now this is integrity
  28. Ego maniac Stars
  29. And... here's the strike
  30. NY Times on the strike
  31. Strike!! But what happens after?
  32. what is DGA scale minimum for a feature?
  33. As bleak as the strike is looking to be, a little humor helps
  34. Urgent strike updates...
  35. STRIKE implications for NON WGA writer? (pencils down?)
  36. Who writes for newscasts and game shows?
  37. Even the ZGA is on strike
  38. Strike updates, Sunday night 9:30pm
  39. WGA and Writer's Strike
  40. NY Times on the strike - and WGA demographics
  41. Those who sell during a strike.
  42. Strike Info & Picketing locations - show your support!
  43. Strikers. Get your message out!!! You're not doing it.
  44. Can we still send queries...
  45. Studios say "You're suspended"
  46. Hey Creative Exec (or anybody else involved with prodco's and ageny's)
  47. Strike: Studio vs. Studio?
  48. Best strike rumor ever
  49. Sympathetic Strike Coverage
  50. Enlarged balls
  51. Strike Updates: Episodic TV going black...
  52. Greatest networking opportunity in history
  53. Showrunners who went pencils down
  54. ? about WGA Associate status
  55. The Hollywood Reporter - Strike Central
  56. What happens if the actors and/or directors go on strike next summer?
  57. Strike Restrictions around Directors Writing Scripts
  58. Questions about Network TV and the Strike - Non Union Shows that could air?
  59. The lawsuits begin... now on CBS
  60. My own strike . . .
  61. What The Hell?
  62. When Will Supporters Turn on the Writer's Strike?
  63. Not A Word
  64. In search of truth: Non-WGA working Non-Sig
  65. What is This?
  66. Turning to the U.K. for Writers?
  67. Best post-strike strategy for a non-WGA member..??
  68. Won a top 10 in the Santa Barbara Screenplay Competition, now what...?
  69. "How can you make a movie without a writer?"
  70. Screenwriters: The Average Salary
  71. Strike-related question
  72. Unofficial Blacklist of Non-WGA Members
  73. Writers Strike: The Studios Ain't Go No Money?
  74. WGA Strike & Canada
  75. no contact...
  76. Hollywood strike underlines bleak outlook for movie business
  77. Writer Racial Profiling
  78. real life event/ person
  79. Best Strike Video Yet
  80. Comedy Writers: More Respected in the Business?
  81. Interesting venue for writers of short stories (or short films)
  82. Wga Strike Chronicles - Podcast And Blog
  83. Debunked Rumor Re: Daytime Soap Writers
  84. The Family Guy and Fox
  85. Producers say don't blame us (LA Times)
  86. Who Owns the Characters?
  87. Change of thread name
  88. Query??
  89. Query Companies BEFORE finishing script
  90. How Much Is Too Much?
  91. Story Partner But Not Writing Partner
  92. Negotiations to resume...
  93. A non-strike related WGA question
  94. What can we do?
  95. NBC Acquires Quarter Life, Internet Series Will Run First Online
  96. Writing Partnerships! Suggestions for Entertainment Attorney...
  97. Article Says Writers Should Focus on Ownership
  98. Movie funding websites...
  99. Happy Xmas for WGA writers?
  100. The Best Picket Line Slogan You Have Seen
  101. Money Food Chain
  102. Script Submissions During Strike
  103. Bless you, Harlan. Just... bless you.
  104. Studios Make New Offer To Wga
  105. Advice Appreciated.
  106. Question About A Friend Who's Producing
  107. Negotiations Break Down
  108. Heh
  109. WGA Needs To Find Daddy Warbucks Real Soon
  110. Question: The Catch 22 of attaching talent
  111. Great Video interview
  112. Is this anything?
  113. Why Some Don't Care About the Strike
  114. Copyrighting Question
  115. Anyone have a list of non-wga signatory producers
  116. How long is too long to wait before sending script!?
  117. No WGA Waiver for the Golden Globes
  118. Obvious Duds Greenlit Anyway--Why?
  119. Actors that help
  120. Question about the strike negotiations
  121. Who Strikes?
  122. Do you feel confident...?
  123. Writing/Producing as career - Family concerns over disability/steady work... Advice?
  124. Adapting and Author's book... What to expect...
  125. Newspaper articles and permissions
  126. Old MSNBC article about script stealing...
  127. Developing treatments for various budgets - problems?
  128. Forming LLC
  129. Interesting New Strike Article
  130. actors boycotting the Oscars
  131. Submissions/queries
  132. spec script sale question?
  133. t.v. carnage
  134. Why This Strike is important
  135. Directors Make Deal
  136. Script registration with WGA during strike
  137. Writers and Studios Return to the Table... Again
  138. Interesting New Strike Article
  139. Is this the norm?
  140. Runaway Budget
  141. Do writers get trapped in the genre of their first sale?
  142. good decisions from WGA
  143. Specific question about querying...
  144. Lionsgate signs
  145. How Many WGA credits for 6 minute short?
  146. Question: What's the point of Interim Agreement?
  147. Writing Dracula
  148. More T.V. Carnage
  149. Do they hire writers for dialogue revision & work on general story, post-conception?
  150. My first produced film (currently shooting)... advice desperately needed!
  151. Story percentage?
  152. Overture signs interim deal.
  153. German material in English language area?
  154. Why he walks
  155. Networks to Import Canadian and other foreign, English language shows
  156. Deal to End Hollywood Writers Strike May Be Near
  157. Writer 'slash' Producer, What's the deal?
  158. Hope?
  159. Your Post-Strike Strategy...
  160. Script (Reader) Analyst Positions
  161. Wga/sag?
  162. Anyone Here Ever Shot a Low Budget Film?
  163. Joss Whedon: The Strike is Not Over
  164. Strike stuff
  165. So... Was it All Worth it?
  166. Selling Feature D2DVD?
  167. Did the WGA Pick the Right Fight for the Strike?
  168. Legal Question Regarding Public Figures
  169. Lots of sales?
  170. Does Hollywood Close The Day After The Oscars?
  171. Do Studios Still Buy Treatments?
  172. UTA Job List?
  173. De Facto Strike
  174. Tips on Directing?
  175. Question about percentage receipts
  176. Writing contract with a book author?
  177. Production Assistant
  178. Is there any benefit to filming a trailer for my own screenplay?
  179. to sell or not to sell...
  180. How does/did the strike affect my option?
  181. Awesome numbers site
  182. How many "ready" scripts should you have before attempting to sell?
  183. These Scrips R Getting Made
  184. writing as a sidehobby
  185. novelizing a screenplay
  186. writing sample strategy?
  187. Who gets the check?
  188. Reality show concept. Worth trying?
  189. Targeting the indie market
  190. Keeping ideas under wraps: Intelligent, or Amateur?
  191. Hollywood DON'T buy GREAT scripts...
  192. Suggestion for writers at screenings
  193. Writing Coverage
  194. Taxes - How Does One Establish A Home Office
  195. Tough Times Ahead?
  196. Old scripts, old connections...
  197. Rookie Question...
  198. "Story by" and how to structure?
  199. Better start writing anime-esque scripts!
  200. Option 10K & 3%
  201. Investor stories?
  202. WGA: Defenders of the Internet?
  203. signing release forms for agencies including CAA
  204. WGA question ...
  205. Help!!!!
  206. Where to start...
  207. Academy Membership
  208. snail vs email. what's best?
  209. shopping and submitting
  210. Stupid Question of the Day ...
  211. quick question or two for the experienced readers out there
  212. Childern's/Animation script best agencies?
  213. Advice Needed
  214. What is more important? Logline, synopsis or script?
  215. Manuscript adaptation.
  216. Short Script - Typical Purchase Price
  217. Homosexual themed script
  218. Just finished my first feature length script. Now what?
  219. Selling script to India -- need advice asap!!!!
  220. Prod Co Release Form
  221. Legal Issue
  222. May 2008's UTA Job List
  223. No-Budget Question
  224. How Much?
  225. Investors forms
  226. Indie or Blockbuster, you decide!
  227. Recent thread about breaking in - help me find it?
  228. Cold Calling Production Companies and Agents
  229. How long was it before you got any positive feedback from an industry pro?
  230. I just sold a reality show
  231. Rejections. When people are nice enough to even do that.
  232. Creating Awareness
  233. Meeting Industry People - What's the Follow-Up?
  234. NYC or LA: Where should a screenwriter reside?
  235. Protecting Short Story
  236. Name director wants to produce my film, but MIA...help
  237. The two part survey
  238. If you are shooting a film this summer or fall
  239. Development hell...
  240. Going Rates for a Short?
  241. Film School for screenwriters:Study or Play Hooky?
  242. The Top Online Film Competition Web Sites
  243. "Based on a true story" getting permissions
  244. Typical Writing Sample?
  245. Why are you a screenwriter?
  246. For anyone who has optioned or sold a script...
  247. non-disclosure agreements...
  248. Is it standard to sign a COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT with an Option?
  249. Executive producer credit
  250. For anyone who has NOT optioned or sold a script . . .