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  1. Lower Your Concepts
  2. Writers looking for quick INs - let's discuss
  3. When should you send out your script?
  4. Industry jobs
  5. How to Sell Rights to a Life Story?
  6. How do we get big $$?
  7. The WGA Thing And Pending Sales...
  8. A new Hollywood
  9. Any luck marketing yourself through a personal webpage?
  10. Bad Deal VS. No Career Ever
  11. You have a great title for your spec - can you protect it?
  12. Setting Production Schedules
  13. what's a low-concept writer to do?
  14. Contract Question
  15. Memorial Day
  16. Talent question
  17. Union card...
  18. shortfilms
  19. Execs, lawyers, agents, fellow scribes -- HELP!
  20. It Ain't Over Till It's Over...
  21. what happens if you send out an unsolicted script...
  22. How long is a brief synopsis?
  23. option expired
  24. On Being a Reader
  25. Writer/Producer contract
  26. Say I've got a script.....
  27. Best Internet source for contacting production people?
  28. TULIPPINK: On Your Coverage Woes
  29. dilemma
  30. contact information
  31. CE: writing for a star?
  32. attached to direct your own screenplay???
  33. Story option $$$ question
  34. Help me break into film & U would have a hit screenplay!
  35. Outside of DD messageboards...
  36. advice for selling low budget script
  37. What makes a writer "A-list"?
  38. en emergency
  39. mid-six figures against seven???
  40. What percent of AGENTED specs get sold?
  41. Getting that production bonus
  42. Question about copywrite
  43. Price for a first time sale?
  44. Politics
  45. How do production companies make money?
  46. Securing Rights
  47. Do cartoon film scripts sell well?
  48. Which Genre lends itself better to distribution?
  49. Implied contracts
  50. Copyright Q
  51. To SASE or not to SASE
  52. "Writer" v. "Aspiring Writer"
  53. For Story Analysts Who Broke In Cold
  54. Picthing
  55. Question about life rights contract
  56. Treatment or Full Script?
  57. "No plane crashes, please!"
  58. Dance with the Devil or Play It Safe?
  59. Pitching advice
  60. Would it be worth while...
  61. Pitching to talent I have written a role for
  62. Ought to be paid?
  63. resumes...please help
  64. How hard to push a script?
  65. Strangest Requests/Perks For Screenwriters
  66. Pay or Play
  67. Filming in Canada or other places
  68. CE - "Lower Your Concepts" Revisited
  69. How to keep the momentum going...
  70. Budgets Online?
  71. What's the reasonable share for partnership?
  72. Rewrite?
  73. Will I be successful if...
  74. Cold calling tips ??
  75. Looking for a Reader...
  76. The next step...
  77. copyright
  78. First time writer/director?
  79. Collaberation
  80. Vertical skimming
  81. What do I do next? Or, what to do I do first to make a sale?
  82. Script Analysis
  83. Is copyright enough protection
  84. What are the chances?
  85. Tracking down a copyright
  86. Caveman Tales
  87. Need Advice with Manager/Potential Deal
  88. Advice for Reality TV pitch...
  89. WGA Reg and Script Changes
  90. Help With A Quote
  91. tracking boards
  92. Complete Scripts...Now What???
  93. Pseudonyms
  94. Selling movie rights of a book
  95. Looking for advice re: option deal
  96. Spec Sales?
  97. Amount paid for screenplay (vs. "Written by")
  98. Was offered $1800 today...
  99. Arbitration appeal?
  100. Minimum buy-out price?
  101. Tracking Boards - Their Secrets Revealed
  102. All time top box office comedies
  103. Non-Theatrical Movies
  104. who's the best contact of em all
  105. after the option
  106. make it or mail it
  107. No unsolicited submissions
  108. Is this improper?
  109. Sending My TV screenplay
  110. WHY have an agent before sending material to producer(s)?
  111. Studio/Your Script - How Long?
  112. Release Forms
  113. College major
  114. Tips on Moving to LA
  115. Public Domain Characters
  116. Script Marketing Scenario...
  117. What's the best day job for Writers?
  118. Screenplay Readings
  120. WGA minimum scale
  121. Copyright and binding
  122. Script Budget?
  123. how do I do this?
  124. Rule of thumb for US Boxoffice to total income
  125. Similar info on agents and sales for books?
  126. obtaining email addresses
  127. What to expect during a pitch meeting...
  128. So what now?
  129. Developing your screenwriting career
  130. Spec vs. Commissioned
  131. UK Writer: Working On First Horror Screenplay
  132. How Can You Pitch If You Live In The UK
  133. Payment: Just A Few Thousand Would Do Me!
  134. The Low Budget Horror Market: Payment
  135. No money option
  136. Querying agents about TV material
  137. What budget-fattening elements could kill a newbie’s script?
  138. need attorney producer crying breach
  139. Production Question - Ent. Contracts
  140. Where was that post asking what to do if you know someone
  141. Old Reality Show Hollywhooped Letter
  142. I vs i
  143. Is Living in Lake Arrowhead a Viable Option?
  144. producing it yourself
  145. Are postcards a better alternative to SASEs?
  146. Where is the new independent film boom?
  147. I regularly need UTA joblist--can anybody help?
  148. What will you do?
  149. Tale of Two Pros
  150. Las Vegas
  151. my first meeting/someone wants to purchase my script!
  153. book rights - no, not going to adapt someone else's book
  154. The First Time I Got Paid For It
  155. Writing Intern
  156. registering your script
  157. "Studios and producers... like squirrels stashing nuts&
  158. Should An Author Register Book With WGA?
  159. Am I crazy
  160. The Hollywood Numbers Game
  161. Which is better, manager or agent?
  162. Finishing Funds...
  163. Grad school
  164. Shopping my script
  165. What's my next step
  166. Older Writers Win a Round Against Networks
  167. Treatment Submission
  168. Historic Screenplay
  169. Petrie wins at WGA
  170. What do the Guildes actually do?
  171. Collaboration
  172. Question
  173. "Ride with the Devil"
  174. Definition of $uccess
  175. IMAX
  176. I'm moving to LA! I need advice on where to start.
  177. Proposal for Option!
  178. Life Question
  179. Low Budget movie - Words of wisdon and experience?
  180. Ringing producers
  181. Breaking in to Hollywood... from Australia!
  182. Screenwriting contract
  183. coming to LA next week
  184. WGA to restart contract talks
  185. WGA reaches deal...FYI.
  186. LA employment advice
  187. Dealing professionally with personalities
  188. Why bother? RE: "screenwriter wannabees, don't post h
  189. I need your advice
  190. MOV financing
  191. what do you do with your short scripts?
  192. similar premise
  193. Shopping agreement vs. the $1 option...what is it?
  194. collection of short screenplays
  195. Rewrites Pay V creating from a treatment Pay ????
  196. What if they have no release to sign?
  197. is that agreement ok?
  198. collaboration??? Q, and the pay rate
  199. Could he be my agent?
  200. Option Question
  201. Clarify "can he be my agent?"
  202. Adaptation exclusive $$
  203. Credits question
  204. Another Stinking Copyright Question
  205. Chance at a Production Assistant job on a movie
  206. What Kind of Forms?
  207. Rights to Out-of-Print Novel, Author Deceased
  208. what is the procedure in hollywood?Is it a vicious circle?
  209. So…what does a studio producer want from a new screenwriter?
  210. Offer for script...which option is best?
  211. want to adapt a novel? ask first..
  212. Serious about screenwriting...relocate to L.A.?
  213. Query Letters
  214. First look deals
  215. Advice from Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott
  216. Retainer agreement from a lawyer
  217. Any hope for a Biopic?
  218. Development Hell… where your great script gets butchered…
  219. Agent or no Agent?
  220. Letter of Attachment
  221. BRANDING???
  222. HELP! TV packaging agent wants my idea: now what?
  223. Has it been done? Is it about to be done?
  224. Movie Remakes Question
  226. us visas...
  227. I made a film, now how do I sell it?
  228. Is it cool to send your script without a release form?
  229. contents of portfolio?
  230. Help: Got 5 Script Requests, But Too Soon
  231. Citing inspiration
  232. Comic book scripts
  233. Assignment of Rights - when should you sign one of these?
  234. Screenplay Budget vs How much the writer gets paid...
  235. Getting names
  236. Big Dumb Movies
  237. An Option for Christmas...
  238. What's the minimum option you'd accept?
  239. Actors with production companys
  240. Turning A Novel Into A Screenplay
  241. Production etiquette
  242. short script asking price is...
  243. Puss in Boots
  244. Script to film, now what?
  245. Query Blitz -- Seasonal Factors?
  246. Credits Question
  247. Studio Tracking Boards - Alive And Well
  248. sample letter requesting use of copyrighted material
  249. When someone else sells a screenplay just like yours
  250. WGA minimums Option