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  1. Producer wants option - what should I do?
  2. The use of "identical" in release forms
  3. Meetings with Production Co.
  4. To Copyright Or Not To Copyright...THAT Is The Question...
  5. A Public Domain question
  6. Zide Perry....
  7. meaning of being 'attached' to a project
  8. Submitting to an Actor's Agent vs. Manager vs. Prod. Co
  9. Legal Screenwriting question
  10. Selling a television series...
  11. Question For The Pros
  12. Schedule of Minimums
  13. Co-Writer's Contract--Help!
  14. I'm Curious, How did you get your agent?
  15. My 2 cents on the DRESS CODE topic.
  16. site with prod. credits?
  17. Standard Payment for Scripts Sold to Cable????
  18. Advice needed on a treatment
  19. Query Response Time and Other Related Anomalies
  20. Need some thoughts and insights from the savvy ones
  21. Agent vs Manager
  22. Writing Opportunity???
  23. Tracking Boards
  24. When do you NEED an agent?
  25. Agents for treatments?
  26. So, how WOULD you write a query letter?
  27. Beating the dead horse of SASEs
  28. Nepotism in the Industry?
  30. What does "In Development" mean?
  31. A well-known Producer has your script, how long --
  32. What Are The Specifics On "Turnaround?"
  33. resume w/ submission?
  34. HCD Producers- Online vs. Print
  35. Release Agreement - How does this look to you?
  36. agent/manager expectations
  37. Managers: Non WGA signatories (What's the problem?)
  38. Follow-up calls
  39. does agent get 10% of everything you do
  40. Following Up on Follow Up Calls
  41. Speaking to a Biggie
  42. Assistant vs. Agent
  43. possible to get an agent and work with a quiet script?
  44. Advice for my first Pitch meeting
  45. Do You Take The Money?
  46. HCD (Hollywood Creative Directory)
  47. How to go from hip pocket to "real" client?
  48. Sending out the Script...Help!!!
  49. Do you usually have an agent AND a manager?
  50. Book rights questions
  51. Selling Book and its Script Simultaneously
  52. Is It Right For A Prodco To Shop A Script Before Opt/Sale?
  53. producers credits site?
  55. From Variety: "Scribes debate credits issues"
  56. recognition for writers - financial and other.
  57. Querying: call or write?
  58. how to find an agent?
  59. Email Queries
  60. question about release form?
  61. should I say get back to me quick, I've had interest
  62. Submission question
  64. addressing queries to...?
  65. What does "$300,000 against $2,000,000" mean?
  67. Any good production companies in Toronto?
  68. Tracking Boards
  69. Actual Samples of Coverage
  70. Hard Lesson from the Front Line.
  71. Readers
  72. TV staffing season
  73. your first script that "produced" results . . .
  74. What are SET PIECES?
  75. query letter or e-query examples
  76. Optioning a novel
  77. How do we get big $$?
  78. assignments
  79. Meeting tips
  80. Screenwriting partnership agreement
  81. Let's say you make 200K on your script...
  82. Options make the trades?
  83. Producer wants me to write script for free???
  84. Asking for Notes Etiquette
  85. Some general thoughts and ideas about generals, part 1
  86. Archive Only Forum - No Posting