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11-18-2004, 05:48 PM
I don't know if I was dreaming this or if I read it somewhere that if there is a certain budget for the film from the script you wrote, you get paid a certain amount.

For example if the budget is between 1-5 mil you get this amount, if the budget is 5-10 mil you get more...

Done Deal
11-18-2004, 07:29 PM
A lot of times in option agreements one of the points will be the writer will receive a percent of the film's budget as the payment for the script. That range is usally around 2 to 5%. The average being about 3%. This is a good rule of thumb to use when trying to figure out what you might should be paid.

Though do keep in mind, a ceiling (or cap) will be frequently noted so that the company isn't say paying you 3% of $100 million if the budget went that high for some reason.

11-19-2004, 04:47 AM
Everything is negotiated.

Since most scripts bought are never made, it would be difficult to know what the budget would have been (and you don't want *any* % of ZERO).

- Bill

11-20-2004, 03:54 AM
What's the % of movies that get made?

0.1 % ?