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11-17-2004, 02:29 PM
I am a vet and a victim of an anti-American terrorist attack while on foreign soil. I have freinds that I served with and met since I got out that have some pretty crazy stories from their military days also. There is one story in particular that I heard that would make a great jumping off point or inciting incident for a screenplay. And there are other tales that would fit nicely into the fabric of the entire story. I don't plan on copying these stories exactly but there are a couple that have events that I won't change, because they are so compelling.

Two of these friends served in the events that led to the movie "Black Hawk Down", one was actually the guy that fell out of the helo. I met him in Walter Reed Hospital while I was also a patient. The story that I want to write is fiction in its entirety but will have elements of various stories that I have lived and/or heard. My question is do I need to get some sort of waiver? I am certain that they would sign one but I am just curious as to the legal implications.

As a side note: When I talked to these guys years before "Black Hawk Down" came out it was an amazing story then. Once I eventually saw the movie I was amazed at how accutate it was. They told me what happened in such detail that when I saw the movie it was as if they had written the script. One of my buddies was asked to attend the premier and he replied, no thanks I lived it and lost my brothers and I don't need to see them die again. There are a lot of stories out there if you just ask the right questions.

Well thanks for any input you may have.

11-18-2004, 04:57 AM
i have no idea what the answer is to your question, but i bet the guy who wrote "Black Hawk Down" does. i think he's a journalist in Philly. if i were you, i'd look him up.