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08-01-2004, 10:10 PM
I wanna forward my TV script... But do I have to:
1- Number my scenes headings.
2- Put the transition CUT TO: after the scene.
3- Use Act I, Act II......
Or I can send it as I send any film script; without these things.
can you tell me please?

Odocoileus virginianus
08-02-2004, 07:37 AM
www.tvwriter.com (http://www.tvwriter.com)

The answers to all your TV writing questions.

And what d'ya mean by "forward"? Did somebody ask you to send it to 'em?

Does it have to be in proper format? Sure. Do you need to number the scenes? No. Scene numbering is for production only. The UPM and the first AD do that, so they can make a shooting schedule.

Or are you talking about act headings? Those you will need, depending on the particular format of the show you're specing.
Hour dramas and single camera sitcoms, like Scrubs, use a modified film format. Check out the format for this ER script:
www.dailyscript.com/scripts/ER_Motherhood.pdf (http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/ER_Motherhood.pdf)

Three camera sitcoms, like Raymond, have different format.

Course, if you're not sure about act headings, you probably shouldn't be sending it to anybody.