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10-03-2004, 07:05 AM
Can't find anything in the archives. Anyone deal with him?

10-03-2004, 12:25 PM
This guy has been around for many years and has had some success. He'll want to "mentor" you by first charging $350 to read your script...sighs.

He called me one day to say how wonderful my idea was and how he looked forward to working with me. I told him, "hey, my job is to write scripts...your job is to produce them. I NEVER asked you to be my mentor!" He claims that they don't have time to teach people how to write...that's why they charge for reading...sighs.

10-04-2004, 03:36 PM
Thanks. Got the same spiel from him. Just checking out reality.

10-11-2004, 12:26 PM
p068.ezboard.com/fdonedea...2026.topic (http://p068.ezboard.com/fdonedealproductioncompanies.showMessage?topicID=2 026.topic)

10-12-2004, 07:04 AM
I haven't kept up with Lee and Jan Levinson, however, if this production couple is who your dealing with they have had a number of indie successes.

However, the lives of people and their situations change. If they are offering script consulting services all I can say is they know what their talking about!

They were very connected within the LA and NY indie market about five years ago!

That's all I can contribute. I would also run and IMDB on them and you should surely come up with some credits.8)