View Full Version : Who is the mysterious Company "A"?

10-11-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi Guys. I get weekly postings from inktip.com but I'm not subscribed to their service...can anyone tell me which production company posted this on Inktip? (Only subscribers can view the contact info)

Company A

I am looking for three types of scripts.

I am looking for completed high-concept teen comedies with a hook.
High-concept means the story:
1. Can be pitched in one sentence or less.
2. Has a hook.
3. Has an engaging title that also communicates the story.
4. Reaches a broad audience.

I am looking for completed broad comedies with a hook. By broad comedy, I mean
that though it may not be high concept, it is a story that the majority of
theatergoers will relate to and would go see.

An example of a film with a hook is the film 'Liar Liar' - a boy wishing his
father would never tell a lie and what would happen if an attorney had to go 24
hours without telling a lie.

I am also looking for a completed horror script with a hook. It must be a
contained story. 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is an example of this - it
basically takes place in one small area. The story could take place in a small
town. I don't want huge stories such as a Pandora's box and an unleashing of
demons. Not interested in horror where the world is coming to an end. More
interested in things that go bump at the night, where the horror is in not
seeing what the enemy is. The movie 'Jaws' is an example of this. To some
degree, 'The Village' was also.