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09-13-2004, 09:54 AM
I have a sitcom that i think would be a perfect fit for a network like Comedy Central or even a network like Spike Tv.
I am looking for some advice on getting in the front door. We have shot a presentation pilot, so just sending a vhs copy can be done. If you need more info i can e-mail it to you
Any suggestions?

09-29-2004, 03:32 AM
Write the bible and pilot. Your bible should include the 5 to 10 episodes following the pilot sketched out, too.

Then, network with your connections and get your bible and pilot into the hands of the vp's of development at the networks you think the pilot suits. If these vp's only want to talk to producers/writers who are repped, move on to the next network(s), while you also pursue agents who will take your project back to those vp's who only want to transact via agents.

I wish I could write comedy.

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