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07-18-2004, 09:58 AM
Does anyone know, other than Keystone (AIRBUD MOVIES), who does childrens movies that showcase animals as a main character?
Thanks for your help.

07-19-2004, 02:36 PM
We had a kid-and-his-animal script spark interest from several TV MOW producers (via an e-query service), all who wanted to show it to their broadcast/cable network contacts. We partnered with the one who had the best/longest resume on IMDB and had direct contacts at all the networks. If your story could fit on the small screen and you're interested in pursung the TV avenue, pitch your script to Marc Lorber at TVmovies@aol.com. We had a great experience working with him. He's open to material from new writers and had our script being read at ABC/Disney, Showtime, Animal Planet, and the Disney Channel within weeks of partnering up. (Nice thing about this arrangement, too, was that we were free to continue shopping the script to the feature side of the business while Marc was shopping the TV networks. Apparently there's little cross-over between the two sides of the business.)

The same script is currently under option to a Canadian prodco, Shaftesbury Films. Don't know if they're currently looking for more animal movie projects or not. They have a website that might have more info. They produce both MOW's and low-budget features. We got to them via an agent, so I'm not sure if they're open to queries or not, but they're worth checking out.

One more hopeful possibility: if you can get a manager or agent involved, pretty much all the studios and a lot of prodcos will read animal scripts. Our animal script went out wide to the studios earlier this year via our manager--didn't sell, but got us some great meetings with studio execs. So, if you haven't already, might want to query managers (they're easier to hook than agents) and try that angle.
(Was introduced to our manager via a producer who found our script posted on Inktip.com)

Good Luck