View Full Version : Lionsgate -- stock soars and roars...

08-11-2009, 07:14 AM
So many film companies reporting low earnings.
But Lionsgate (http://www.variety.com/profiles/Company/main/2013882/Lionsgate.html?dataSet=1) keeps roaring.
Since inception, I always believed in this company.
The sky is the limit for them.
They are a hot stock on Wall Street.
Their TV production revenue sky-rocketed. Greatly thanks to --"Weeds," (javascript:zodInfuser.FillDescriptions('%22Weeds. %22');) and "Nurse Jackie" (http://www.variety.com/profiles/TVSeries/main/194261/Nurse%20Jackie.html?dataSet=1) and my fav Emmy-winning AMC drama -- Mad Men.
Also Lionsgate's home video department will see a greater boost in earnings due to their dealings with Jim Henson (http://www.variety.com/profiles/people/main/43239/Jim%20Henson.html?dataSet=1) Co. to distribute family programs "Fraggle Rock," (http://www.variety.com/profiles/TVSeries/main/155714/Fraggle%20Rock.html?dataSet=1) "Emmet Otter" and "The Hoobs" in North America. Other deals that will include 350 hours of films, TV shows and major specials from Henson Co. All these will be released on DVD, video-on-demand and digitally.