View Full Version : Does it make a difference?

03-14-2010, 10:39 AM
If a script gets under the nose of an exec, does it make a difference if it's brought to him by a WME agent or a small, never-sold-before agency?

And why?

Gillyflower Cooms
03-14-2010, 11:13 AM
Big agency is always better but it really comes down to the relationship between the two parties...if the smaller agents has a better relationship with the exec than the big agent then your script won't get ignored...but most execs want to have relationships with big agents & agencies.

03-14-2010, 11:21 AM

Sure, in the end, a script is either good or not and it will sell itself, BUT....it has to actually be READ first in order for it then to be judged. And getting it read at all is over half the battle.

People in power will always want to work with their friends and close contacts first and foremost above anyone else (hence why no one accepts unsolicited materials). Then in a close second to friends and close contacts, they'll want to work with established and reputable names, because they know that those people will have already acted as a filter, weeding out the worst and pushing the best. It makes an executive's job easier when a top agency brings them a script, because they know that it's at least viable or that agency wouldn't be representing it, so from there all they need to do is decide whether or not they like the work itself and it's right for their company. But if someone they don't know brings them something, because this person has no established reputation, they have no way of knowing if the work they're bringing them will even be worth their time taking a look at.

A major agency will always have more pull, and be more respected than a no-name. Your unknown agent might be a rockstar once he gets in the room and be the king of all pitches, but if no one's ever heard of him, he may not ever be let in the door, and thus he'll never get the chance to try to sell your work.

Also, sure, it's great to have an agent to negotiate a deal once one is on the table, but....and this may not be well received by some here....my perspective is that a no-name, no-sales to their record agent is of no more worth to you than an unsolicited query. If the person who represents you has no contacts, they're useless to you as an agent. Similarly, if the person who represents you has contacts but has never made a sale despite being an "agent" for awhile, then they must either pick poor writers to represent and thus aren't taken seriously by the people they're pitching to, or, they suck at pitching. Both of which, again, indicate they're useless to you.

Just something to think about.