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Perhaps we'd be interested in this, from MRBrown's storysense.com. Even earlier coverage of said film...

NBK coverage from 1991 (http://www.storysense.com/docs/NBKiller.pdf)

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Wow. Very interesting. Reminds me of some coverage I got on the project I'm working on now.

This is paraphrased, with just the key bits, as the actual coverage was pretty long:

"Very unique take on a proven successful action formula. Spot-on mood establishment and interesting settings. Heroine is sexy as hell, fun, and very cool. She'd be a star, definitely a potentially iconic character. Haven't read action this mind blowing in awhile, and it contains physical elements that hasn't, to my knowledge ever been done. Well-placed humor. Solid supporting characters. Story is simple enough but not boring. Overall, a tremendously fun read that had me literally pumping my fist in the air. Ultimately though, I just don't see the point in making this film, and also doubt the ability for a female lead film of this size to succeed. Pass. But thanks, you're very talented. Feel free to send me anything you write in the future."

Suffice to say this was my response:


So I just thanked the guy for making me feel so great about my project, because all that coverage did was make me MORE confident than ever. And because of coverage like this (which I actually got like 3 times), I charged ahead at full speed, giving up seeking a rep and instead just working to attach talent, a director, etc. And I got one and am 'thisclose' to getting the other.

Moral of the story, a "pass" (or in the case of Tarantino, a "maybe") from a rep or prodco can actually be a good thing if the coverage is still at least 90% positive. I'm sure Tarantino walked away happy with the coverage because it praised the film so heavily and just showed, not that the script was bad, but that people were just scared of new things. And that's not his fault at all.

Oh, and I do find it ironic that the coverage mentioned Kalifornia with Juliette Lewis and then NBK wound up having Juliette Lewis in it. So I guess it gave him casting ideas as well! ;)

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I want to read your script. Seriously.

PM me if that's cool.

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I want to pet your avatar. PM me if THAT's cool.


Anyway, sending you a PM about it...