View Full Version : Where to take projects?

04-08-2011, 08:15 PM
So I think we all know the avenues one can take with his spec, aside from taking to a rep. Take it to a director, producer, actor, or prodco.

But what about TV? Most production companies only produce one show and are more or less formed for the show specifically, so that doesn't seem like the best option. Director doesn't totally matter as they switch around. Producers are usually the writers and network execs so there's not a lot of independents to pitch to. So what does one do with an original pilot? Get a rep or go to networks directly?

What about if you're just trying to get on staff? Is this only possible with an agent or manager?

04-09-2011, 05:41 AM
I would start with targeting management/production companies. A lot of them have a department dedicated to developing projects for television and are open to queries ie: Circle of Confusion, Zero Gravity, Anonymous Content, itís a long list Ė check IMDBPro.

If they are interested, be prepared with more than one concept Ė because they will defiantly ask what else you have.

Taking it to a network directly wonít do you much good unless youíre an established showrunner. The list for independents is growing every day Ė you can do a search here for production companies that do scripted series and try them.

Iíve had some luck going this route in getting my stuff read and had two projects get to the development stage.

Write a pilot to go along with your original concept; itíll take you further than just pitching the concept alone.