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04-24-2011, 10:42 PM
Not exactly related to writing, but I have been making headway with a project I have been developing and packaging as a producer. I was asked by the production company that is interested in the project for "my terms"

Well, ****. I didn't really think that far ahead. It's a low budget project, barely north of $750,000. Is there some kind of sample contract I should be aware of? I'm glad they are interested in keeping me onboard, and to be quite honest don't want to look stupid and have them change their minds.

What kind of rate should I be asking? Flat/daily/weekly? I know there's no real standard for minimums so I don't really have any barometer of what's greedy vs. what's so low of a request it's laughable.


Done Deal Pro
04-25-2011, 09:38 AM
There are some examples out there floating around which you could reference as a template. But as often discussed of late, do get an entertainment lawyer to look over all for you, of course. Don't sign anything without that happening first.

I've worked with/for three producers. One a director/producer and two different executive producer/line producers. As a rule of thumb the EPs were paid approximately .008% of the budget as their flat rate for the film. On one of the movies I did the executive producer who found the material and brought it in, which sounds likes more what you have done, was paid roughly .007% for the film. (I base all of this on the budgets for the films.) Rates can vary some from film to film depending on who the person is and what their credits are, but I think this is a pretty "decent" rule of thumb, much like writers receiving 3% of the budget for their script.

Above the line is almost always paid a flat rate, where as crews are generally paid a weekly rate. Daily usually goes to specialty crew, day players, background and so on. Also, as memory serves, my bosses where paid their flat rate over X number of weeks during pre-production, production and post.

You also need to spell out in contracts/agreements what your credit will be, what the size is on screen, what (where) the placement it is the title credits, etc. Also, if you are traveling for the film and will be location, you have to consider per diem, housing, car rental if needed, and so on. One generally has to cover and spell out more than you ever would normally think about.

Hope this can help some.