View Full Version : Manager Pass but Open to Revisions

04-15-2014, 09:19 AM
I've recently been in contact with a manager who politely passed on my script because he felt like it wouldn't sell, but gave me good feedback and said he would be open to seeing revisions as I develop the script.

I have my theories as to what this means. They range from optimistic (he liked it enough to give me feedback and his changes weren't too drastic) to cynical (isn't a managers primary job to develop material - why is he talking so much about bringing it to market?), but I was curious as to if anyone DDPers have had something similar happen to them and what it ended up being like for them?

Thanks all.

04-15-2014, 09:27 AM
All my experiences have been poor trying to please a rep that wasn't really repping me. Hell, even my reps that I did have that I tried to please didn't end well.

So it's nice to hear, but I would only revise the script if you agree with the notes and I wouldn't even bother showing it to them myself. If they really believed in the project they would done what you said, take it on, offer those notes, then maybe take it out.

They liked it, didn't love it. Didn't want to put in the work. But of course they are open to you doing it all and if it's perfect for them when they get it back, maybe they'll do something with it.

I learned it's bad for writers to chase a rep like that. They already forgot about you. So when you come back in 6 months with that revised script they might read it, but they haven't been thinking about it.

Not to mention them saying it "wouldn't sell" isn't a good sign. As 99% of specs won't sell and you really want someone to take a script out, introduce you to the town and get you jobs. Obviously, selling would be great, but that's crazy hard to do.

So show that revised script to another manager is my advice and just take it as confirmation you're a good writer.