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09-30-2003, 11:58 AM
It's as easy as it sounds. As many members to write out their day.

Would be interesting to read other people's day, what city they live in, where they work etc.

v i o l e n t c a s e s
10-02-2003, 04:29 AM
so yesterday k and i pick out a really nice whirlpool dryer. a floor model that cost $399 with digital settings. i'm happy, she's happy, fry's is happy to have made my business, and today the delivery men come and install it but it's broken. it turns but does not generate heat.

so they take it back. and i go back to fry's, this time with r, to choose a new machine. not many gas dryers left that fit my budget, so i choose a $299 amana model and arrange to get a credit to my debit card. and that is when the ******ing began.

but first allow me to explain why it should have been no surprise to me that this happened. you might think, "oh well, everyone knows the people at fry's are ****tards", but this is much more intricate than that. the first gentleman we dealt with, a salesboy at the appliances department, was named, darn. "darn it" i said to r and we both snickered. perhaps that set off a chain reaction of karmic events that would follow me throughout the entire store, because the next person we saw, at the checkout stand, was a guy named, dung. dung ho.

while jesus wept, the bearer of this unfortunate name couldn't complete the transaction, so he took us to a guy named ryan concepcion. concepcion. i'm looking at r, r's looking at me, then looking away because probably i had a really stupid look on my face, but the point is, concepcion @#%$ up the whole exchange and insisted that the computer told him that the card i gave him was not the card i used to make the purchase. only that's impossible because that's the only card i have that works. so i tell him. and tell him again. then he gets his supervisor. who tells me the same thing. so i tell her the same thing. this is the only card i have.

"how come?" she asks.

because it's the only card i have, i state. incredulously. i couldn't believe the exchange that was taking place. she moves off, checks some other computer, and realizes that yes, computers do @#%$ up--mainly because they're programmed by people who @#%$ up all the time--and i get my $107 back into my wamu account.

i hope they @#%$ die. i hope there's a blackout and fry's gets looted and ryan concepcion gets stamped on the head with a boot, and all their washers and dryers get @#%$ and pissed in, and that dung ho's body gets crammed in that $7,999 lg fridge with the internet connection, and i come away with a g5 and an apple cinema display. and they can shove their @#%$ performance guarantees in their uncles' bungholes and floss with their ass hairs, uncle @#%$ cum guzzlers.

10-02-2003, 07:29 AM
7:45 am, woke up. Found out the wife had made me breakfast. Pancakes, hashbrowns and coffee. Yum

8:30, went to class.
9:15, actually made it to class.
12:20 end of last class, went home.
1:00 ate lunch. French Fries and hamburgers. yum.
2:00 went to Fry's. Bought a DDR dance pad and DDR2. fun.
6:00 stopped 'dancing'/playing DDR and went to Trudies.
7:00 First round of Mexican Martini's.
it starts getting fuzzy here.
Dinner showed up. at some point we ordered and consumed 2 more rounds of Martini's. yum.
We left. Went back to my place, made some vodkatini's and danced/played some more DDR. fun and yum.
9:00ish, remembered that we're supposed to show up at the Coppertank for $1 pints and $2 dollar you call-it's. Drank around $10 of beer and drinks. well, that what I paid anyway. other people bought me stuff too.
Left around midnightish.
Found a bar on the way back to the car that had .33 cent mixed drinks and there were barely any people in there.
3ish. got kicked out since they were closing.
Held one friend up as he puked over the bridge. Them 20 somethings can't drink.
Made it home around 4ish-5ish. Drank a lot of water. The wife told me that I had to sleep on the couch since I smelled like smoke. I laid down on the bed anyway.

6:45 got dragged out of bed so my wife wouldn't be late to class.
8:00 am, logged on to DD. Waiting for class to start at 9:30.

10-03-2003, 11:52 AM
This may come as a surprise, but my real name is not Supersquid. It's Mike. I live in Beloit, WI and work at a television station in Rockford, IL as an account executive. Selling advertising in a recession isn't the easiest thing to do - especially in a town that isn't all that big (about 160,000 I think).

This is yesterday:

I woke up about 6 and ate a heaping helpin of Smart Start. I love that stuff. After that, I climbed back in bed for a few minutes (30). Then I showered, put on the suit that matched the only clean shirt left in my closet, gave the chica a good-bye kiss and headed out. Damn, it was cold. Low 30s (for someone who works with a meteorologist, I rarely know what to expect from mother nature). My windows were covered with frost, and I had no idea where my scraper was so I sat in the car shivering while my windows defrosted. That took a good ten minutes.

I met my co-workers for breakfast at 8. That took about an hour. The food was so-so, but my boss paid so that made it better. Nothing wrong with free breakfast.

After breakfast number 2, I headed to the station to check my messages.

After that, I headed out and dropped in on a few businesses. This is the part of my job I really hate. Cold calling is a bitch.

Since I forgot my cell phone, I headed home for lunch. There was a message on the machine. A place I sent a resume to (I'm looking for a new job) wants to interview me. I called them back and set that up for Wednesday (wish me luck). Then I ate some sandwiches while I got caught up on the DD board.

Then I made some phone calls.

After that, it was time to head back down to Rockford. I was supposed to meet with a client and my boss. The client cancelled. My boss wasn't too happy about that. I don't like to take him on sales calls with me, but he insists. He's been riding me to get him out lately, so I made an appointment to take a client out for coffee and told my boss he could come along. Then the client cancelled.

It was bad enough I was only able to schedule one appointment for yesterday, but to have that one cancelled... I was frustrated. So I went back to the station to do some paperwork and write some letters. My boss was in an unusually good mood, so I filled out my vacation request form for the screenwriting expo and turned that in. He seems to really love the fact that I write, so when I told him I was going to a writing seminar his face lit up and he signed the paper. That put me in a better mood. I'm going to the expo.

You may be wondering why I waited so long to request time off for an expo only two weeks away. Long story. Good thing I got the time off. I booked the flight and hotel a long time ago. Not my brightest move.

I left about 4:30 so I could make it to my nephew's flag football game on time. He's five. What those kids did on that field was barely recognizable as football. And damn it was cold!

My parents were there so I convinced them to buy a pizza. I ordered it, they picked it up and we met at their house. We ate pizza and watched Survivor. Good times.

Then I headed home and watched some more TV with the chica.

We went to bed about 10:30.

I have today off, so I'm going to run some errands, watch a movie, walk dogs for the humane society (I'm a volunteer) and do some writing. Good times.