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lostfootage 11-29-2015 07:55 PM

Re: Spec Scout
I've used Script Scout twice. I have not had my script listed on their site, so can't comment about how useful that part is. But The depth of the feedback is worth the $297 they're asking now. Essentially $99 a review. These are indeed $99 sets of notes. You can tell the readers spend quality time on their reviews. They are thorough. One reader caught every single last tiny typo that others had missed, and lectured me about my slug lines. (Along with critical comments about the story.) I will use them again when I need three serious reads and have already worn out my peer readers.

nguyensquared 02-15-2018 05:36 PM

Re: Spec Scout
Probably because the Black List notes weren't meant for the writer - it was meant for the agents/producers/etc. The Black List just happens to make those notes available to the writers, which is the cause of the confusion.

Regardless, SpecScout's notes are certainly better for the purpose of making the script better.


Originally Posted by Haneke (Post 930854)
I have had my script listed on Spec Scout for about a year now - got a rating higher than 75. Zero industry response.

I will say this - their coverage was fantastic. 3 separate reviews. Extremely detailed. Worth every penny - even if only to correct formatting/spelling errors for a final polish. You're essentially getting 3 separate points of view instead of 1

Their coverage is a thousand times better than the Black list. There's real effort from the readers - 3 pages of notes each. Instead of a single general paragraph of why your script doesn't work.

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