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wcmartell 04-11-2009 10:43 PM

Re: Query Production Companies - Good or Bad

Originally Posted by landercello (Post 517326)
So I was reading a email newsletter that says querying production companies on your own can hurt your script more than help.

Only of your script sucks, and it will still suck if an agent sends it out. The difference will be - if you agent is with a big agency that has other talent the producer has some interest in, they will probably smile and pretend they like you until you leave the room.

The key is - don't have a script that sucks. Then, sometimes one producer will read your script... and some other producer will call and ask to read it. You'll get all kinds of meetings - just like if you had an agent.

Agents love to say that you can't sell a script without them... but that's just not true.

- Bill

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