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EdFury 11-10-2014 12:18 AM

Re: Conference call with Producer

Originally Posted by snowman (Post 913530)
Been there with free option twice in past 3 years and of course they share your vision and promise to get you the big bucks and yes they did something 6 years ago on imdb and/or this is their first project so you all just need to work together so you can both make it. This is what I heard too, I gave in and guess what, when it was time to reoption for money, I got "no I own it forever and I'll sue you", Costed me money for ent. lawyer to tell me the contract was never valid and second option the guy wanted me to renew for same bad terms and even though he did have an actor from 70s that is mostly famous slightly involved, he had paid someone to raise the money to do film and wouldn't give me any money, and at end of 18 months he had nothing more than when he started so he admitted the option was over but both cases I had to petition Imdb to get it off their site because they wouldn't take it down but they did after I sent them copy of registration and told them they were violated copy write laws.

No more of this wasted time and junk for me, and the one who shared my vision rewrote parts to shop and it was so terrible. Never again. He couldn't come up with 500 after he had it 18 months, so no more. But each to his own. Just don't get your heart set on it. If you don't think much of the script you got nothing to lose but getting involved with people who will love you at the beginning and badger you by sending vicious emails and calling you five times a day when you wont answer after you tell them that you don't want to renew, taught me a big lesson.


This is what I'm talking about. Right here in a nutshell. Sorry you had to go through that, Snowman. It's a bitter lesson. And thanks for posting it so others can learn. There is no upside to free options for a writer. You start out your relationship with producers in the weakest position possible. And you've set your quote at zero. Producers like this LOVE weak and desperate writers. Writers who will agree to anything and believe every promise, true or not on the chance their script might just go somewhere. Respect yourself and your hard work and insist on some kind of payment. Legitimate producers will pay you if they really want your script.

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