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DUCPHO 08-13-2004 10:21 AM

Owned by actress Cari Shayne and her husband (soap star) Alex Mendoza(both on IMDB).

Did anyone ever hear back from them following a submission?

Any help would be appreciated.

LoganSF1 08-13-2004 12:18 PM

I received an email from Cari 3 weeks ago stating that it would take them 2-3 months to go through all the submissions.

DUCPHO 08-13-2004 01:52 PM

Thanks Logan, I received a similar response!

LoganSF1 08-13-2004 02:30 PM

I fired off another email to her. I'll let you know if she responds back.

Hairy Lime 08-17-2004 10:31 AM

I think they're swamped getting out the fall line of handbags.

DUCPHO 08-17-2004 12:18 PM

Hairy... perhaps that's where these two veteran actors(IMDB) are getting their cash from?

Hairy Lime 08-17-2004 02:36 PM

DUCPHO, I'm pretty sure you're right given that it's the same mailing address as the production company.

DUCPHO 08-24-2004 04:18 PM

Hairy... any time I can get a script of mine into the hands of an established actress with credits such as General Hospital-Party of Five- Beverly Hills 90210- as well as features and M.O.W.'s and whose worked with Peter Bagdonovich I don't care if they weave baskets along the side of the road for whatever reason drives them to do it.

I'm sure you'll agree that as long as they're working and connected they're worth wasting your time on! However, in this case it was not a waste of time as they have expressed interest in the project I submitted to them.

No further details yet, however, I will keep you posted!

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