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magicghost2977 03-21-2006 10:05 PM

Release forms
I understand the purpose of release forms, especially considering the amount of money involved in the business and the likelihood of people trying to get something for nothing, but a couple questions...

1) Is it common for agencies and managers to have release forms or only production companies? Manager/production companies seem to need something signed as well...

2) I understand that to get read it's accepted that we should just sign off and send away, but are there clauses in these forms that prevent one from signing/selling to another? Are they mutually exclusive? If you sign 5 different release forms from 5 different companies and 3 of them are interested in pursuing the project what happens next?

For one of the producers who requested my script there was no release... I have received 4 other requests but I'm reluctant to make a move because I don't want to get too caught up in potential red tape (the other 4 need something signed)...

If these forms are for the sake of protecting their right to property currently or in future production I don't have a problem, but some of the clauses in these things are very vague...

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