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muckraker 01-03-2018 02:49 PM

Grey Matter Contact Info
Anyone have email contact info for Lawrence Grey's company? If you do can you kindly PM me with it? Thanks in advance!

kidd44 01-04-2018 07:58 PM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
Sent you a PM.

fitzy226 04-16-2018 10:12 PM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
I could use that email, too, if one of you would be kind enough to PM it to me. Thanks!

Scene70 05-27-2018 08:18 PM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
May I too have their contact info?

Strangerthanfiction 07-24-2018 08:44 AM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
Don't try because apparently I just emailed an IT solutions company about my script...

catcon 07-24-2018 10:42 AM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
Always, always, always, when searching for these things, view the website (eg. first, before you send any emails. If a website's not up yet - it's being held at a registrar - do a WhoIs check. You might even find an email address there among the admin contacts.

Also, I'd not send to a generic info@ or contact@ address, unless that's the only one you can find or it says specifically to do that, on the website.

PS. I won't list any emails here, but if you look hard in this file you may find something interesting:

Strangerthanfiction 07-24-2018 12:21 PM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
Thanks so much, Catcon! You rock!

Dragonov22 01-29-2019 04:31 PM

Re: Grey Matter Contact Info
Any help on that email? Thanks.

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