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allisoninLA 01-29-2011 11:30 AM

Catherine Hardwicke, Louise Goodsill - and what now?

I wrote a screenplay.
I sent queries about my screenplay.
I received positive replies.

Now what? I mainly sent to my dream cast (A-listers) and a few British producers (it's set in England). Many wrote back and either a.) wanted to see the script (sent it) or b.) wanted to be contacted again when a director is attached...

What is my next step?
And does anyone have contact info for Catherine Hardwicke or
Louise Goodsill at Odyssey Entertainment (her old email no longer works, and I'm trying to respond to her reply to me).

NikeeGoddess 02-02-2011 07:14 AM

Re: Catherine Hardwicke, Louise Goodsill - and what now?
most people (even a-listers) don't have power to buy or greenlight any project. the query to an actor or director is to get them "attached" and that means you have to go through their agent who will ask, "how much money is on the table" and you'll be like, "huh?" - lol!

ie - to reach catherine hardwicke you need to go through her agent at CAA. you can call him or her directly but it probably won't get you far. you'll probably need an agent.

to get louise goodsill at odyssey...
[delete this]
or use snail mail

what you need to be doing is contacting managers. their job is to put packages together and work with writers.
agents who just sell your work and get you writing assignments.

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