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MrDealHD 01-19-2014 01:23 PM

William Packer
Anyone have any email contact info for Mr. Packer? Imdb pro has no info...
Would be greatly appreciated.

David Palmer 01-21-2014 08:39 AM

Re: William Packer
I'd be interested in this, too. I know he just signed a deal with Universal that appears separate from Rainforest Films (which I'm not even sure is active anymore). All of the old contacts I had for Rainforest don't seem to be working.

Kid Rasta 02-25-2014 12:21 PM

Re: William Packer
It's great to see an African American producer who's got juice. Will is blowing up now. His base is the ATL, but since he's now signed a first-look deal with Universal for movies & TV -- he's prolly got an ofc on the Uni lot.

Will is a busy man right now:

Rainforest Films, Inc.
323 Edgewood Ave SE,
Atlanta, GA 30312

tel: (404) 577-1782
fax: (404) 577-1786

Tochirta 02-25-2014 06:11 PM

Re: William Packer

Originally Posted by Kid Rasta (Post 897163)
It's great to see an African American producer who's got juice.

we need more than one. Hopefully Will's the sign that those days are coming to an end where there's one Black producer/director/actor in the spotlight (who can get movies made) and only one.

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