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avaslov2 08-06-2015 10:55 AM

Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right thread to post this on.

I'm new to the industry a little over year. I know a lot of you guys know the industry and are knowledgeable. I also know that very rarely do TV shows, pilots, productions, any of this make it and go anywhere. Since I have a pilot now, I might as well try my best to get it out there the best I can.

I am in Atlanta and about eight months ago I wrote a script that (I was doing some BG work), I got a guy to do a sizzle reel. I was actually just looking more for a reel. Anyway, it caught on and many people in Atlanta liked the vibe.

A director was wanting to work with me. So I came on as executive producer (something I had no clue about)... Investors came in on the production and we were able to cut a first scene. Eventually we were able to film a very high-quality pilot. It is going to be released in a couple of weeks. We are also working on a new trailer.

Now, here is the thing, I promised the actors (reels and SAG), crew (we paid), director, investors (well them a tiny percentage of the show if it gets picked up), which if goes nowhere, then it is nothing. That's it. No network pick-up or anything. So if I just sell the concept of script I okay too.

They all believed that this is something that could get picked up. I always told them that it could be possible. I am not one to ever promise something I cannot deliver on. Again, I want to be realistic.

I am kind of stuck here now though? I realize that submitting tons of query letters to agents might be a lost cause (I'm willing and have :( ), because they are probably looking only for screenplays that are not produced and filmed?

I don't know how I would go submitting to production companies, because we are in Atlanta and most probably want LA shows?

I am willing to sell the show concept or screenplay (without the filmed pilot) - if that is a possibility? I just don't know how I approach that?

If I have to go the independent distribution route, most of it is just features and if it is television, you need several shows available. I can do a short film route... But is it worth doing Hulu or something or should I just do webseries or post on Amazon.

Maybe, go for submitting to film-festivals, but I'm not sure what that will achieve.

It almost seems, in hindsight, that the best thing to do was to film a feature.

:) Again, I was totally new at this. I am not looking for criticism here or what I should have done or what I did wrong or how my show sucks. I am seeking help from people who are willing to be of service to a guy who got in a bind. This is my first time doing anything.

The show is called "The Grand Prince of Moscow"

Thank you for any direction or ideas you have.

juunit 08-06-2015 12:08 PM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
There's a lot of projection that goes into taking something from script to screen, so people actually prefer to see something tangible. I've heard a lot of people encourage young writers to go make a webseries for this reason, like the girls who made BROAD CITY. Having an already shot pilot should be an advantage for you at least starting conversations with people. Whether they like it or not is a different story and far from guaranteed.

You say that you're working on a new trailer, so you should probably wait until you have that ready, then try to get in touch with people by sending them a link to that trailer and explaining that you have the entire episode available if they want to see it.

Production companies aren't really the places to target, since you've already produced the thing. They don't exactly have discretionary funds to go buy the rights these days. What you really want is to get it to a network of some kind. Best way to do that is through an agent.

Perhaps you should also have someone proofread any query letters before you send them out. Based on this post, I can understand why you aren't getting very far with query letters. After seeing a single grammatical error in a query letter, people stop reading it.

avaslov2 08-06-2015 12:51 PM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
Thank you for your suggestions here. I think that is a good idea to wait until the pilot is finished until I submit it to agents. Again, it is whether or not they like it. I'll just have to wait. I did have the query letter reviewed and proofread. I did not ask for you to evaluate my writing here though. I think there are other threads where you can do that.

markerstone 08-07-2015 07:30 AM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
This would be perfect for Vimeo - what is the run time?


slupo 08-07-2015 04:55 PM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
Maybe put it on youtube and then post it on reddit and other places. Try to make it go viral. Get a million views and then people will be interested. Of course easier said than done but worth a shot.

avaslov2 08-09-2015 08:15 PM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
The run-time is going to be 28 minutes.

markerstone 08-10-2015 12:51 PM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
PM for Vimeo executive contact...

fouroneone 09-10-2015 10:34 AM

Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do
I literally moved to LA from ATLANTA four years ago.

I have done everything imaginable to get my screenplays and pilots looked at. I contacted every agent in town and the first thing all of them asked was, "who do you know?" Never who is this for, what's it about.

I got NBC to look at my sitcom, unsolicited and without an agent. And AMAZON, which has the "storyboard" for free.
I've gotten two production companies to look at my screenplay.

And, financially, I'm not sure how much longer I can really "hold on."

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