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CrissCross 12-13-2014 04:17 PM

YouTube Studios
Just wondering if anyone has had any luck shooting anything at the YouTube studios in L.A. ? I was talking to someone yesterday and they said YouTube will basically give you a set, etc for free because google is looking for content. Sounds too good to be true but any input would be appreciated.

Done Deal Pro 12-14-2014 10:28 AM

Re: YouTube Studios
I've helped a friend shoot his YouTube "series" down there on 3 or 4 occasions. The facilities are very nice. They reminded me of film school but even fancier in many respects. (I went to USC.) They have everything you need. Nice stages. An entire equipment room where the "creators" can check out all the equipment they need. Edit bays. They even have a pretty nice screening room with about 40 seats or so. My buddy showed a feature film he shot in there to the cast and crew one night. (Totally unrelated to his channel.)

I've seen a couple of standing sets, but it's mostly open rooms/stages and you bring in what you need. For Halloween this year, they apparently built a few "horror" themed sets people could go down there and shoot scenes on. It's a bustling place. They have a nice Happy Hour pretty much every Friday night, so if you can shoot on Friday, it's a fun way to wrap up your day. :)

The main catch with it all is that not everyone can use the place or go in there. I don't remember the cut off for views one's channel must have, but you must get enough traffic to be allowed to sign-up and go down there. They don't let every Tom, Dick, Harry or Sue use the place. It's only too good to be true if you don't have a fairly popular channel. Even though I crewed for him and have been down there a few times now, I couldn't sign up to go in there and shoot anything on my own. They also have more security than some studio lots I've been on.

CrissCross 12-14-2014 11:08 PM

Re: YouTube Studios
Interesting. Thanks for the info

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