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finalact4 07-24-2019 11:33 AM

Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk
hello my friends.

i sent Tracker to a producer and he liked it. he's gotten back to me saying:

"We should speak when you have a chance to talk about your plans for the script. "

i don't have a rep. or an agent.

what should i be prepared for? anxiety is kicking in, you know. don't want to blow an opportunity because i'm inexperienced, you know?

i'm researching him and the people he teams with and i think he could probably get something going. i know the script will have to change, not worried about that. i am a little worried about not having it as a sample. he's definitely working with people who are getting projects going.

if someone options your spec-- they usually don't want you to send it to anyone as a sample, right?

and i do know that even if you go into talks regarding an option, those are as difficult as getting a response to a query.

i don't know what i don't know, you know? can anyone offer me some advice? on line or off?

Bono 07-24-2019 11:39 AM

Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk
1. Talk to them
2. Don't commit to anything, say "I'll think about it and get back to you soon"
3. If they show interest, will help getting repped

I had a script get optioned by big time producer of hollywood comedy and his name helped me get in the door, but i never got paid the 1000 dollars for the year option. Maybe it was 2000. Didn't matter, never got it.

I was still able to send script to reps, but the plan was to "make the movie" but one rep refused to go out with the script until the year was up even though no -paperwork was signed, just email... other reps were like "f him" we will take it out.

Anyway... just go with steps 1 and 2 first... feel no pressure to do anything. However it is an older script, so I would not be so precious with it as I would a new spec trying to get back into the game.

Satriales 07-24-2019 11:49 AM

Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk
I think it has to be all about landing a manager. A good one that loves your work. They aren’t the be-all-end-all but ultimately you need to get in rooms. So listen to what they have to say (“I want a zero dollar shopping agreement” and “let’s make this a TV show” currently the morning line favorites) and play it cool and do what you have to - maybe it’s your next conversation - to parlay this into a referral. This is a high-ish budget thing with no IP, correct? Gotta play the long game here, IMO.

“My has been optioned by such and such and I’m looking for representation” is not a bad pitch in queries. I did it. It turned off some managers but is your goal to be repped by someone who just wants to produce or someone who loves your work? Because the former would be the type to be turned off by this.

I’d play it slow-ish and not commit to anything and just hear this person out, keeping all options open. They may volunteer a referral on their own.

finalact4 07-24-2019 12:11 PM

Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk
thanks, guys.

it's a franchise piece, written with an eye to a trilogy. has a killer (haha) twist ending.

not opposed to no fee short term shopping agreement-- it was pitched to SonyTV who considered it, entire TV staff read it and met about it. the exec really liked it. at the time there were a couple of shows [serial killer] that were cancelled that same week and they had something similar in the works.

i do have it in with a manager that a friend was kind enough to refer me to, but she's on vaca for a couple of weeks and hasn't read it yet.

it's a few years old, that's true, but it's still set in the near future. we haven't caught up to the tech. and not a lot of exposure. it is original IP.

my goal is to be repped. to pitch projects. to develop material. get **** made. i am interested in anything that leads to that end.

Bunker 07-24-2019 12:28 PM

Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk

Originally Posted by finalact4 (Post 964186)

what should i be prepared for? anxiety is kicking in, you know. don't want to blow an opportunity because i'm inexperienced, you know?

Congrats on getting interest! No matter what comes of this, that's great news.

First of all, relax. It's never good to approach this career from a place of fear. You're not going to blow your opportunity. If it works out, great. If not, whatever.

Many promising writing careers are derailed by the writer being too eager to please. They say "yes" to everything, and then they lose years worth of writing-time performing free rewrites that go nowhere. I'm not saying that's what's going to happen here, but just remember that "It's been great talking with you, but I think I need to go in a different direction" is an option that you have.

With that said, if someone wants to talk, ALWAYS take the call. Why not? As others stated, you don't have to agree to anything immediately. The conversation will most likely be the producer giving you a few thoughts/ notes on the project. They might be small, they might be big. Have an open mind. Be prepared to discuss, brainstorm, and get them to elaborate on their thoughts.

It should be fun. It's always great to talk with someone who's interested in your writing.


Originally Posted by finalact4 (Post 964186)
i am a little worried about not having it as a sample.

I wouldn't worry too much about that. I can't really give you advice on if this producer is the best thing for your career. But I will reiterate that you can't make all your decisions from a place of "what if" fear. If you do decide to give this producer exclusivity, then the best thing you can do (and should be doing anyway) is write newer, better samples. You should always believe that your best script is ahead of you.

finalact4 07-24-2019 01:35 PM

Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk
thanks, Bunker. i have another that is ready. one in a month and another ready in a couple of months.

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