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Default Re: Scriptshadow's blog is discussed by John August

Originally Posted by Biohazard View Post
Well it does matter because it proved a point. A spec has a specific purpose. If it fulfills that purpose for the writer and the writer is paid, why would the writer even give a hell if someone is reading their spec? It's like a band raising hell because a civilian heard their demo.

Big f_cking deal.

And that still does not explain how publicly-available specs hurt the writer. Forget the law for a second - how is the writer hurt directly? What was taken away from the writer? Nothing.
Okay let's conveniently forget about the law, because obviously the law doesn't matter. You know you can't win on that point so we should just disregard it?

But fine. I can tell you that when my script, an early draft, was published and reviewed online, I felt hurt as a writer. In any material way? Not in this case, although it's not difficult to imagine a scenario where a studio which is currently on the fence about whether to continue to support an in-development script or scrap it could be influenced by a negative online review. I don't know if that's ever happened, but it's not difficult to imagine how it could. And that would materially hurt that writer.

In my case I just felt somewhat violated, like somebody had rifled through my desk, found something I'd written and put in online. Writers are very protective of their process, they don't like showing unfinished work, hell they don't like showing their work at all beyond the professionals and peers who are in their circle of trust. When that circle is broken and something's put into a public forum for everyone to pick over and analyze... in my case I found it a little upsetting. Maybe I'm overly sensitive but that's how it made me feel. If you're a writer I'd like to think you'd be capable of empathizing with that. Maybe not, though.
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