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Default Re: Scriptshadow's blog is discussed by John August

Originally Posted by umo View Post

The argument is that Carson is somehow "hurting" the writer. My question is: how?

If by posting this draft, Carson adversely affected the writer professionally, I think we should hear more about that.
I vowed never to address this kind of ignorant message-board retardation ever again, but a particulat client with a horse in the race forwarded me this thread so I feel I have to.

This particular client of mine had a deal go south DIRECTLY because of this parasitic moron. Period.

We had an offer was coming on a script he reviewed--that is, until the studio where our prospective producers have their the deal started murmuring about some "bad buzz" about the spec wafting off on some fanboy website. The studio execs "laughed it off"--after all, it's nothing but meaningless internet blather for a very narrow audience. And the blogger isn't even in the business!

But with startling quickness, all the laughter somewhere along the line evolved to mumbling, then grumbling about possibly looking like schmucks if that buzz about our project should somehow happen to spread and grow (especially among potential talent) after biz affairs cut a check.

So the studio decided to hold off, just for a little while, to see how things developed. And that was it--the death knell. Silence. We went nowhere, because anyone actually in the business knows, a stall is good as a stop when it comes to to putting a deal to bed.

So there you have it. This a-hole, who says he's helping writers, DIRECTLY destroyed a deal for my writer--who by the way has a daughter to feed and rent to pay when he's not working 12 hours a day at Edison.

Oh well, maybe his dreams will come to pass another day. Or maybe now they never will. All because some a-hole with a blog can't get noticed any other way, so is illegally co-opting material (did I mention illegally yet?) to fill some kind of great, sucking need for a little attention.

For the record, we discussed coming down so hard legallly on this guy hat his mother would feel it. But in the end my writer didn't have the stomach for it. After all, maybe "Carson" has a daughter to feed too (though I somehow highly doubt it.)

So, if nothing else, PLEASE strop wondering with wide-eyed naivitee if this guy has hurt anyone. Because I can tell you 100% that he has. In a way so insidious, clumsy and backhanded that it seems to hurt just that much more. My writer said it was "like getting clipped by a drunk driver instead of a trained assassin. At least the assassin means to do it."

So there it is. Scriptshadow has crippled at least one future for one particular gentlemen (that we know of.) Is that enough to make it matter to those of you with otherwise zero respect for the value of an artist's work?

Somehow I doubt it.

On the up side, one way or antoher, I and many other professionals are confident that the Scriptshadow will eventually face consequences for his drunk driving.
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