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Default Re: Scene with no dialogue

It's important for us to see how it looks, and your posting it here with copy'n paste doesn't do it. The top 'sticky' post (How To Post - 07 April 2013) under the forum I mentioned above describes how to post stuff here that looks exactly like it does in the PDF. I think the line-by-line appearance you're describing is important for us to evaluate.

Follow the steps in that post, download the free 'Some PDF to Txt Converter' as it suggests, and you'll be able to convert any PDF to a text format document that includes the formatting, like this:

Sample only: (see how it looks better?)
MISTER BUTTLE'S GREAT ODYSSEY FADE IN: EXT. CITY/CHICAGO - DAY (1933) The city's limestone towers hover high above the scurrying pedestrians and road traffic that fill the streets below. SUPERIMPOSE: "Chicago, Illinois, 1933" We descend into the avenues between the monolithic insurance companies, department stores and banks, where billboards of Gable, Lamarr and Powell overlook the chaos at street level. We're into the action, now: Commuters fill a train station, cops interrogate a beggar, pedestrians halt as a fire engine warbles - and resume lingering, yakking and jaywalking after it passes. There's a post office, a music hall and a hotel. The Great Depression is in full swing, but so is adaptation, and regular people seem to be coping here in the Windy City. EXT. SIDEWALK/OFFICE TOWER EXIT (SAME TIME) ROY SAUNDERS, 30, departs a colossal building at street level, and we follow him. He's an attorney on-the-rise, who handles estates for one of the large established firms. A handsome fellow, Roy has a pencil-thin moustache, is in a suit and fedora, with a trench coat over an arm. He strides tall past shoppers, delivery men, and patrons at a bus stop. Up ahead, people surround a newspaper stand where a radio plays a muffled newscast. Roy tries to squeeze in to hear better but he can't, so he checks the headlines on a stack. We catch a few, as he gives us an account of things: ROY (V.O.) Spring, 1933: The U.S. has just voted out Prohibition. "King Kong" is still playing in the theaters. INSERT - HEADLINE OF "PROHIBITION ENDS" ROY (V.O. CONT'D) That nut in Germany brought in his Enabling Act to make himself dictator. And some British guys flew a plane over Mount Everest. 2. INSERT - HEADLINE OF "UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS MARCH" ROY (V.O. CONT'D) The Yankees were in Spring training and hoped to repeat as champs, but our Cubs probably won't be in the running this year. INSERT - HEADLINE OF "ROOSEVELT CHATS UP RECOVERY" ROY (V.O. CONT'D) At least we have a World's Fair opening next month. Maybe it's a sign the Depression is easing up. ANGLE ON Roy, with a newspaper in-hand. He tosses a coin to the proprietor, gazes left and right, and inhales deeply. ROY (V.O. CONT'D) Here in Chicago, it feels great to hit 50 degrees. (then) Spring. 1933. And Sam Buttle is about to begin his great odyssey. Roy whistles down a taxi and climbs partway in, but holds up when his eyes meet those of a PANHANDLER, 45, trying to strap a large trunk onto his back for a journey somewhere. The man gives up, and the heavy box slams to the sidewalk. Unexpectedly, he just shakes his head and laughs, and sends Roy a wave. Roy flips him a dime, and drops into the cab. PANHANDLER Thanks, Mac! INT. TAXI (TRAVELLING) Roy doffs his fedora and settles into the back seat. We see that his trim, dark hair is parted to one side. ROY What do you think, driver: Does the end of Prohibition mean the end of the Depression? As he pulls out, the driver merely shrugs at Roy's enquiry.
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