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Default Re: General boredom

Generals can pay off, but yes — 99% of them are a total circle-jerk in which low level execs get to look productive.

That said, my bro ended up scoring a rewrite gig off of the very first general meeting we ever attended... because we did our research, knew the project was in development, and brought it up ourselves. Also, we made the guild by writing a script we successfully pitched Zac Efron — a deal that had its origins in a general with his exec in which we were casually passed a Wall Street Journal article and asked if we could come up with a story based off of it.

So, when you go into generals: try to keep an open mind, do your research (and definitely bring up **** they have in development that you want to gun for), and focus on conveying that you're a cool, capable person others will wanna work with.

But yes... most, without fail, will lead to nothing. Ever. But they are a necessary evil. That said — always have something ready to pitch, and always be grinding on new material that you can follow up with. The most pointless generals are the ones you never work to turn into anything.
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