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Default Re: You're a producer, fo realz???

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
I talked about this in many other threads, but simply you have something to lose and they don't. You care deeply about the project and they don't. You're 1 of many.

It's like how the fat kid (me) remembers any pretty girl that smiled at them in their dumb life and they would not remember that interaction. What is super important to my ego didn't even register as an event to them. Human nature.

Most basic is people hate to give bad news, so they don't say ****. It's not good, but that's most of it. Or they just said yes I'll read it and forgot entirely as they probably say yes to tons of **** and as the day goes on another email pops in the inbox and they literally forget.

Either way, I assume it's a "no" and move on with my life as it's just easier. I have friends that don't give me notes when I send them my scripts and I'm sure if I'm being honest I did that to my friends. And it wasn't on purpose. It was just like you had so much going on and you said "sure send it" and just forgot.

My long point is that's the business, that's human nature. I hate reading scripts myself especially my own.
I hear you but it doesn't have to be that way.

Example: On this latest project I emailed a certain producer of my own accord, just reached out. I suppose you could say we're acquaintances, but not super tight besties. I probably shouldn't mention his name, but let's just say he's won Oscars for best pic twice in the last 5 years (You can probably figure out who I'm talking about, but let's not use his name).

Dude is obviously HELLA busy. I email him the pitch. Mind you, WITHOUT a logline (like I've said, I try to avoid them and don't really believe in them). Just told him the title, genera, and what it was about. Also told him why I believe it should be made, the social relevance (feature). If you saw my email, most writers would say "Wtf!? No, never pitch that way!" 10 minutes later he responds with "Sure, I'd love to take a look. Please send." My manager changes his mind, believes as a feature it's too compressed, can I redo it as a TV show, create a bible. Ton of work, but fine. I email this producer back and explain. He emails me back in under 10 minutes "No problem, send when ready." I email this producer later for a reason I forget. I look at my phone, oh crap it's Saturday, spaced. Bad form, right? Producer emails me back at midnight. Finally we send materials over. Few weeks go by. At this point my manager is like "Seems like he's more responsive to you, maybe you should just handle the dealings with him." No prob. I check in "Wondering if you've had a chance to take a look." No lie, 3 minutes later "I have not."

And that's where we're currently at. But my point is. If one of the most successful producers in the world can behave with class, so can everyone else. I've lost count of how many Oscars and Globes he has amassed in the last 5 years.
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