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Default Re: Loving your character too much

Originally Posted by Rantanplan View Post
It depends on what you mean by "don't like." I have a hard time with characters I don't like at all, especially if they're the main character. I had a hard time with Breaking Bad because of that. I just didn't find many of the lead characters very engaging. Jessie was great and I liked the ATF agent, and of course Saul was one of the reasons to watch the show, but I found the rest of the main cast rather dull and unappealing.
Gotcha. Then maybe characters like that aren't for you, understandable.

For me, I just don't relate to characters I'm "supposed" to like immediately. Feels a bit forced to me. I've never actually meet anyone I've liked immediately. I'm skeptical until I'm not. But, yeah, we all see characters (people) differently. So...?
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