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Default Re: How important is voice in screenwriting?

Originally Posted by BrickFlare View Post
Okay, a lot of this make sense. I guess what I meant by voice was the way someone writes their narrative, like how everyone has their own distinct way of speaking/personality, you can feel a distinct personality shining through a particular narrative. This was a bit confusing to me when it came to screenwriting, because when I look up certain screenplays for movies, some of the writing seems very basic with little in the way of "prose" or personality, but they have a fantastic plot. Meanwhile, there are other screenplays I read that have a certain flare to them, and the writer is using a lot of colorful words to help carry the script, ie, they have a lot of "voice." Guess I was just wondering if the latter was a better way to do things.
I'm guessing some of those that seem "very basic" where written by the director and are (more or less) outlines, something used as a placeholder for the dialogue, scenes and camera directions. But I suppose a great plot could overcome clunky (step-by-step) writing.

Regardless, voice is kind of a Catch-22 thing. If you're worried about your "voice" you're not going to develop one.
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