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Default Re: How important is voice in screenwriting?

Originally Posted by BrickFlare View Post
When I look up certain screenplays for movies, some of the writing seems very basic with little in the way of "prose" or personality, but they have a fantastic plot.

Meanwhile, there are other screenplays I read that have a certain flare to them, and the writer is using a lot of colorful words to help carry the script, ie, they have a lot of "voice."

Guess I was just wondering if the latter was a better way to do things.
I think a good “writer’s voice” is very important during the reading of the screenplay. A good voice helps the reader enjoy the read. But a good voice won’t overcome a poor plot, poor dialogue, or other story problems.

So I think both story and voice are import. A good voice is definitely a plus.

The director and others involved in the finished movie bring plot and other story elements, and their own voices into the movie. I don’t know how much of the writer’s voice, no matter how good it is, remains in the finished product. But even if your writer's voice is lost in the production process, it has served its purpose.
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