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Screenwriting takes place in a whole other universe than book writing. Different rules, different players, different playing field, different strategies.

There is nothing pretentious about putting SCREENWRITER on your business card. A CE or VP meets with dozens of people in the course of a week, both above the line and below the line talent. I want them to remember who I was, what I do, and have easy access to contact information (but you're right about the street address -- not necessary.)

And as for “earning” the title, I earned it the first time I typed FADE OUT on a completed screenplay many years ago. An artist doesn’t have to sell a painting in order to be considered an artist.

There’s no such thing as an “aspiring” screenwriter. I don’t know any producer or CE who wants to meet with an “aspiring” screenwriter. You either write screenplays or you don’t. You may “aspire” to make a living at it, but that’s not who you are.

And giving them MY card is a good way to get THEIR card. Until you’ve made a name for yourself, it’s a good strategy. And don’t forget to give it out to agents, managers, teachers, fellow screenwriters and anybody else who might help your career.
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