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Default Re: Giving up hope? No Unsolicted materials...

Originally Posted by joe9alt View Post
Work on your logline. If the logline is good enough these dudes will ask to read the script regardless of any BS unsolicited materials policy.
This is correct.

Goldstar, your logline sucks. It's not okay, it sucks.

Please re-read my post at Wordplay and my previous post here. I haven't checked to see if you've posted your logline anywhere else.

Don't bother with querying Miramax or New Line - they want a producer already on board usually. They are studio types that are most likely going to want a producer to schlepp it in to them or will only take subs from agents.

Query producers with a battle tested, bullet proof query letter after it has been thoroughly trashed by people who have done it before. Learn to pitch the query on the phone.

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