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Originally Posted by Centos View Post
That said, you could go the route of "District 9" -- just ignore the questions about how alien "power" juice can change the DNA of a human to that of an alien. I still liked the movie -- even with a plot hole so big you could fly a starship cruiser through it.
To be fair, that isn't a 'plot hole' so much as something unexplained.

It would make sense if the 'power juice' wasn't fuel (as is assumed) - but instead the black goo is just a glop of repair nanos.

Once they are inside his system they will 'repair' the perceived damage and rebuild the expected alien body out of the raw material of his own.

It explains why it was needed for the ship too - it isn't to fuel the ship (although people talk about it being 'fuel') it is more of a fuel additive.

Heck - you know those old star cruisers - if you don't have the right fuel additive then the fusion injection points clog up before you're out of the solar system.

That's what the hero alien has been doing all these years ... adapting the existing medical repair nanos so he can fix the ship. And given the way they are treated .. do you really expect him to be up front about the true capabilities of the technology?

That is just one of dozens and dozens of explanations.

So isn't a plot hole - it is something that is left to the viewer to explain.

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