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Just finished rereading Casablanca, and certain lines still brought tears.

The logline must contain what Rick must do when he gains possession of two letters of transit.

That's what the story is about. Rick must do the right thing with those letters. The love affair, the occupation, the other characters all present obstacles, complications.

The story is about how Rick faces challenges and goes through a series changes.

Rick is the protag, main character, and the one the audience is most attached to and involved with.

P.S. Rick gets the letters and hides them in the Piano P16. When Ugarte is arrested P30, Rick ownes them. What will he do with them? He can use them for his own eventual escape. He can sell them. As the story progresses, he must weigh various options. Lazlo and Ilsa enter P34. Rick and Isla meet P44.
What role will the letters of transet play. What will Rick do with them?

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