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Originally Posted by Jules View Post
So if it's a waste of time paying the $25 listing fee if you don't/didn't intend on paying the $50 fee for a reader, wouldn't it make sense to include the reading fee into the initial listing fee (total $75) to avoid any confusion on a writer's part who thinks they may be getting something for their $25 alone.

And wouldn't it be even better to allow a writer to pay their $50 evaluation fee before choosing to list it or not, so they don't lose their $25 if their evaluation is poor, which in many cases could go either way with some scripts depending on the reader (I've seen this in coverages before, scriptshark multireader deals that had passes and recommends on the same script)

I think in many cases a writer is going to get a poor evaluation and feel they have to buy more reads to try level it out, and maybe they will, or they'll get more poor reviews and in desperation buy more read credits.

If you wanted to make the $25 listing fee without the $50 evaluation a more viable option then you could increase your search criteria in the way inktip (god bless them) do. For example giving the writer many boxes to tick be it budget, age skew, sex of the protag, story themes, setting, time period, various other content, etc. There's a huge amount of boxes to tick.

Which in turn allows a producer to search for exactly what they want, and if that's your script then at least you have a chance of getting your logline seen among the masses.

What I see happening is a lot of writers uploading because $25 seems viable, and not understanding that they're going to be wasting the money if they don't put down the other $50 for an evaluation, which for most will be a gamble anyway.

I think there needs to be more transparency in regards to this issue, I could not find a faq on your website which went into the dynamics of this.
We're going to be clarifying a lot of these issues in an omnibus post that I'll be making to the Black List blog that will be published on GITS as well. I actually really appreciate people bringing these issues to the fore so that we can address them.

I think our core ethic remains the same, however. We've creating a platform. It's up to writers and industry professionals to use their judgment about how they want to utilize it. You're right, however, that we need to be ultra transparent about how the platform functions, which is part of why I'm answer these questions here and will duplicate these answers on the Black list site, in the blog, and elsewhere.
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