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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by halloweenjak View Post
No. The point is there might be the next "Pulp Fiction" out there, and no logline would convey its excellence.

The point is if "JAws" and "Deep Blue Sea" were pitched cold, by no names, with no bestseller and no info other than a logline, "Deep Blue Sea" might seem more attractive to a producer these days.

More sharks.

But let's not make this nasty , Lowell.
DEEP BLUE SEA is more attractive precisely because of JAWS. But that's really got nothing to do with the PULP FICTION premise since Tarantino wrote a couple of screenplays that got the attention of others, and directed his first film which got a lot of attention from others.

Giving Tarantino money to do PULP FICTION after the success of RESERVOIR DOGS was pretty much a no-brainer. It was made for less than $10 million, most of which probably went to Bruce Willis. And he wasn't even the "star" of the flick. John Travolta's career was dead, and no one knew who the fvck Samuel Jackson was.

But it's still got some trailer-worthy moments, and it was still going to make back its money even without the advance word of mouth from Cannes(?).

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