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Default Re: The New Black List

Let's see Hecuba, Lowell, Atb...

The usual possee who follows me around these boards. Where's Joe Lefors?

Jeff, you asked me how Hollywood sells an audience on a project, I said star power.

Who gets paid the most money?

Who are the people that make opening box office?

Stars. I didn't say that's the only way, but you asked and my answer is, above all else famous actors are the number one way movies are sold to audiences.

Word of mouth is risky.

Do they expect to cast a no name in "The Disciple Program"? Of course not.

And Hecuba, the hypothetical entailed a suspension of your need to destroy the very parameter of the hypothetical simply for the sake of argument. If both movies were pitched simultaneously, the logline to "Deep Blue Sea" might sound more exciting, more capable of raising interest than "Jaws".

An industry predicated on telling stories that hates reading them in their entirety is to me silly. It saves time, but as the Twit Pitch experiment proved loglines are no indicator of writing acumen.
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