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Originally Posted by jscoggins View Post
Sorry, MB, thought I had answered via my response to FSF.

"Phenomenal" is an admittedly less than precise adjective. Let me be more specific: A score in the 80's means all three readers rated the script a "Recommend" or better. It's a pretty high bar -- there aren't all that many that have hit that mark so far.

Yes, I agree that it's logical to expect that of those, a pretty small percentage will be sans agent, since good material tends to attract champions. But there are exceptions, notably scripts repped by exceptional managers like yourself. (I know that's going to come off as me kissing your ass, but I mean it literally.)

Of Spec Scout's Top 10 of 2012 list, only 2 of those scripts didn't have agents, and those 2 had reputable managers. FWIW, only 2 didn't have managers, and those 2 had reputable agents. The rest had both.

In other news, my partners and I have continued this discussion offline. We're definitely going to implement an opt-out policy, whereby writers and/or their reps can request their scores and the readers' comments be suppressed. It'll take a week or two to implement that, but it'll be in the works by Monday. We're also going to automatically suppress scores and comments on spec market scripts that don't score above a certain threshold. We're still discussing what that threshold should be, but it's going to happen, concurrently with the implementation of the opt-out policy.

Hopefully, the combination of those two changes will minimize that thing I was concerned about -- that projects without scores will automatically be seen as significantly deficient in some way (which they shouldn't be, per my earlier post about the scoring system).

Thanks again for everyone's input. It's been very helpful.
Thanks, Jason. I guess a better question is, can a rep have a policy of never having coverage posted on the site? Can a manger such as myself, say, unless you ask me, do not post coverage?


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