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Default Re: Black List Website Postmortem

Originally Posted by glantern2814 View Post
Because of the way they do weighted averages, even though the average of the three scripts is 6.3 -- above the standard of 6.02 set by the BL to get on the top lists -- the weighted average (formula unknown) is apparently less. Since I got the 4, I haven't had a download since. So, essentially, the script will be hosted for free over the next six weeks with apparently no purpose.
I'm in the exact same position. I've been hosted for free since October (when I got the 8) but my two free reads came back as 5s, which knocked me off the toplist, and so no one has looked at it since.

Ideally, when you get the 8 you should get a healthy amount of downloads, and you have to hope that some of those pros leave you 8s and 9s (which is what happened to me initially last year) because the paid readers are pretty unforgiving.

When I got the most recent 8, the BL of course included my script in the weekly email blast, and then promoted it again on their Twitter account a week after that, but both of those plugs only resulted in 1 additional download, which is why I feel like it has run its course, and everybody who wanted to see my script has seen it.

It was a fun ride, but I need to finish up a new script in some other genre.
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