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Default Re: Black List Website Postmortem

Originally Posted by kintnerboy View Post
...which is why I feel like it has run its course, and everybody who wanted to see my script has seen it. It was a fun ride, but I need to finish up a new script in some other genre.
I hope you keep up this script, while working on new stuff. I just had a read request for a six-year old script. This happens all the time as a result of my aggressive querying.

To make this work, I polish my old material roughly every 6- to 12-months. It provides a good break from marketing and the strain of constantly punching out new material. In time, you can have a genuine repertoire of 5-10 or more scripts.

But of course that means that pitching takes up a greater and greater proportion of my time, because I have lots of stuff under my belt. It's amazing how often I see opportunities to pitch my older (polished) stuff as I come across new producer contacts.


Of course, I direct my comments to those who write new and original stories each time, and not just rehashed/improved version of their old ones, and calling them 'new'.

As well, not having a rep to 'manage' or advise me, I don't know how what I've written here might get filtered by your manager or agent.

Seriously, though, unless one writes predominantly to current affairs or current tastes, which change oh-so quickly, there's no reason to think your old material can't have second, third or fourth lives, before finally finding a home somewhere.
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