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Originally Posted by Satriales View Post
I don't know how I stuck with this show for the entire run - I've bailed on much better shows for far less. Rightfully I'd like to have been done after S2. I'd have never recommended it as a binge...but now? Maybe.

But we stuck with it and stuck with it because...I don't know. And now, I've never seen a finale pay off the series like that. It wasn't the best series ever, it's not the best finale ever, but that's how you stick the landing.

I was kind of blown away. That's how you subvert expectationsr. Well done, especially paying off the conceit of different points of view. Damn. I'm shook.
I've watched every episode except for those in the last season. And I really liked the series. (Didn't love -- but it def kept my interest.) So you'd recommend watching this final season? I was on the fence until I read your post. I especially like landings that stick.
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